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Omron ZFV Series User Manual: Precautions For Correct Use

Smart sensors with ultra-high-speed ccd cameras.
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Precautions for Correct Use

Please observe the following precautions to prevent failure to operate, malfunctions, or
undesirable effects on product performance.
(1) Installation Site
Do not install the product in locations subjected to the following conditions:
• Ambient temperature outside the rating
• Rapid temperature fluctuations (causing condensation)
• Relative humidity outside the range of 35 to 85%
• Presence of corrosive or flammable gases
• Presence of dust, salt, or iron particles
• Direct vibration or shock
• Reflection of intense light (such as other laser beams or electric arc-welding
• Direct sunlight or near heaters
• Water, oil, or chemical fumes or spray
• Strong magnetic or electric field
(2) Power Supply and Wiring
• When using a commercially available switching regulator, make sure that the FG ter-
minal is grounded.
• If surge currents are present in the power lines, connect surge absorbers that suit the
operating environment.
• Before turning ON the power after the product is connected, make sure that the power
supply voltage is correct, there are no incorrect connections (e.g. load short-circuit)
and the load current is appropriate. Incorrect wiring may result in breakdown of the
• Before connecting/disconnecting the Sensor Head, make sure that the Smart Sensor
is turned OFF. The Smart Sensor may break down if the Sensor Head is connected or
disconnected while the power is ON.
• Use only combinations of Sensor Heads and Sensor Controllers specified in this man-
• Do not turn the power OFF in the following instances
-Immediately after the MENU mode or ADJ mode is switched to the RUN mode
-During startup in the RUN mode
-Wait for the ENABLE signal to turn ON before turning the power OFF as the bank
data may be initialized.
Precautions for Correct Use
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