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Omron ZFV Series User Manual: Performing Measurement

Smart sensors with ultra-high-speed ccd cameras.
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Performing Measurement

When the mode is switched to the RUN mode, measurement is executed, and the
measurement result is output to the external device.
■ Switching the display during measurement
The display details are switched by pressing the TEACH/VIEW key during measure-
The measurement time differs according to the type of display image. The measurement time for
"only image display" is the fastest. The number in parentheses ( ) serves as a guideline when "only
image display" is taken as the reference.
When the image is switched during measurement, the measurement time changes. For this rea-
son, monitor the ENABLE signal, wait for the ENABLE signal to turn ON, and then input the TRIG
●Only image display
(image only display + 4 ms)
●Measurement result (*3)
(image only display
(image only display
+ 180 ms)
+ 50 ms)
(*1): In the case of [BRIGHT], the display can be switched (average density value, density distribution value) by
the LEFT/RIGHT keys.
In the case of [AREA], the display can be switched to binary image by the LEFT/RIGHT keys.
(*2): The control bar shows the measurement result and judgment threshold value.
(*3): The measurement time (TIME) indicated here is the shortest measurement time in "only image display."
About meaning of display details in measurement results
●Judgment result
(image only display + 12 ms) (image only display + 18 ms)
●Enlargement of mea-
surement result and
control bar (*2)
(image only display
+ 33 ms)
Performing Measurement
●Teaching area
●Teaching area and mea-
surement result (*1)
●Teaching area and control
bar (*2)
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