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Throttle; Battery Care And Information - X-TREME XB-300SLA Owner's Manual

Electric mountain bike
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Proper maintenance of batteries will maximize their lifespan and capacity.
Battery Care
Even with proper care, rechargeable batteries do not last forever. Every time the battery is discharged and subsequently
recharged, its relative capacity decreases by a small percentage. With proper care, the life span of your batteries is between
500-700 cycles. You can maximize the life of your battery by following the instructions in this guide.
• Batteries should be fully charged immediately when they are received for the full recommended charge times.
RECOMMENDED CHARGE TIME: 6-8 hours. For a complete, 100% charge, leave the battery on the
charger for one full hour after the charger indicator light turns green.
• Never charge batteries for longer than 24 hours.
• Sealed Acid batteries do not have a "memory." Partial discharge/charge cycles will not harm the batteries' capacity or
• The rated output capacity of a battery is measured at 77°F (25°C). Any variation in this temperature will alter the performance of the battery, and shorten its
expected life. High temperatures especially reduce overall battery life & run time.
• Always be sure to turn the bike/scooter power switch to "OFF" after each use. If you leave the power switch in the "ON" position, or your product has not been
charged for a long period of time, the batteries may reach a stage at which they will no longer hold a charge.
• Be friendly to the environment! Be sure to recycle your old batteries at a local battery-recycling center. Do not throw them
in the garbage!


Before you begin riding, turn the main power switch on, then start riding as you would ride any regular, non motor
assisted bicycle. After you have begun to ride, slowly twist the throttle (on equipped models) towards you. The more you
twist the throttle, the more motor power will be applied to the wheels. You may feel the pedals get a "lighter" feel than
riding without the motor assisting you. Once you have twisted the throttle all the way, the motor will accelerate you to its
full speed of about 18-20mph (28-32 km/h).

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