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Air Filter; Angle Gear; Daily Maintenance; Weekly Maintenance - Husqvarna 326SX-SERIES Operator's Manual

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Air filter

The air filter should be
cleaned regularly removing
dust and dirt to avoid:
• carburetor malfunction
• starting problems
• reduced engine power
• unnecessary wear to engine
• abnormal fuel consumption
Clean the filter after every 8
hours or more regularly if
operating conditions are
exceptionally dusty.
Cleaning the air filter
Dismantle the air filter cover and remove the air filter. Wash in
clean, warm soapy water. An air filter used for a long period of
time can never be cleaned completely. Therefore it is necessary
to replace the filter from time to time with a new filter. A
damaged air filter must always be replaced.
The sweeper is often used under dusty conditions. It
is extremely important to maintain the air filter regu-
larly, often daily. The air filter must be oiled in order to
work satisfactorily.
Oiling the air filter
Always use HUSQVARNA
filter oil, order no. 503 47
73-01. The filter oil contains
a solvent to make it spread
evenly through the filter. You
should therefore avoid skin
contact. Put the filter in a
plastic bag and the pour the
filter oil over it. Knead the
plastic bag to distribute the
oil. Squeeze the excess oil out
of the filter inside the plastic
bag and pour off the excess
before fitting the filter on the
machine. Never use common
engine oil. This would drain through the filter quite quickly
and collect in the bottom.

Angle gear

The angle gear is filled with a
sufficient quantity of grease at
the factory.
Normally, the grease does not
need to be changed except
when repairs are carried out.
NOTE: Use only HUSQVARNA replacement parts. Use of
other brands of replacement parts can cause damage to your
unit or injury to the operator or others. Your warranty does
not cover damage or liability caused by the use of accessories
and/or attachments not specifically recommended by HUS-

Maintenance schedule

Below you will find some general maintenance instructions.
NOTE! If you are unfamiliar with any of the listed
maintenance instructions, please contact an authorized
servicing dealer.

Daily maintenance

• Check throttle trigger and throttle trigger lockout function.
• Check stop switch function.
• Check that sweeping attachment does not rotate at idling.
• Clean the exterior of the machine.
• Check that the sweeper rolls are undamaged.
• Check the sweeper for cracks and chips or damage. Replace
if necessary.
• A non-balanced sweeper induces heavy vibrations that may
damage the machine.
• Check that the locking nut is sufficiently tightened.
• Check that nuts and screws are sufficiently tightened.
• Check for fuel leaks.
• Clean the air filter (see maintenace for air filter).

Weekly maintenance

• Check the starter, especially cord and return spring.
• Clean the carburetor area.
• Clean the exterior of the spark plug.
• Remove it and check the electrode gap.
• Adjust it to 0,5 mm (.020"), or change the spark plug.
• Clean the cooling fins on the cylinder and check that the air
intake at the starter is not clogged.
• Check that the angle gear is not leaking.
• Clean or replace the muffler's spark arrest screen (only
mufflers with a catalytic converter).

Monthly maintenance

• Clean the fuel tank.
• Clean the exterior of the carburetor and the space around it.
• Clean the fan and the space around it.
• Check fuel hose for cracks or other damage. Change if
• Change fuel filter in fuel tank.
• Check clutch, clutch spring and clutch drum for wear.
Change if necessary.
• Check electrical wires and connections.
• Change the spark plug.
• Change the airfilter.
• Check and clean the muffler's spark arrest screen if necessary
(only mufflers with a catalytic converter).
• Check and if necessary, clean the exhaust port at cylinder
from carbon deposits.
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Table of Contents

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