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Citrus Juicer - Kenwood FPP210 series Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
using the attachments
Refer to recommended speed chart for each attachment.
knife blade
The knife blade is the most versatile of all the attachments.
The length of the processing time will determine the texture
achieved. For coarser textures use the pulse control.
Use the knife blade for cake and pastry making, chopping
raw and cooked meat, vegetables, nuts, pate, dips,
pureeing soups and to also make crumbs from biscuits and
It can also be used for yeasted dough mixes if the dough
tool is not supplied.
Cut food such as meat, bread, vegetables into cubes
approximately 2cm/3/4in before processing.
Biscuits should be broken into pieces and added down the
feed tube whilst the machine is running.
When making pastry use fat straight from the fridge cut into
Take care not to over-process.
dough tool
(if supplied)
Use for yeasted dough mixes.
Place the dry ingredients in the bowl and add the liquid
down the feed tube whilst the machine is running. Process
until a smooth elastic ball of dough is formed this will take
60 secs.
Re-knead by hand only. Re-kneading in the bowl is not
recommended as it may cause the processor to become
emulsifying tool
Use for light mixtures only eg cream, mayonnaise.
Ensure the bowl and tool are clean and free from grease
before use.
slicing/grating disc
To use the disc.
reversible slicing/grating disc
Use the grating side for cheese, carrots, potatoes and foods
of a similar texture.
Use the slicing side for cheese, carrots, potatoes, cabbage,
cucumber, courgette, beetroot and onions.
Never remove the lid until the cutting disc has
completely stopped.
Handle the cutting discs with care - they are
extremely sharp
to use the cutting discs
1 Fit the bowl onto the power unit, add the detachable drive
2 Holding by the centre grip, place the disc onto the drive shaft
with the appropriate side uppermost.
3 Fit the lid.
4 Put the food in the feed tube.
5 Switch on and push down evenly with the pusher - never
put your fingers in the feed tube.
Use fresh ingredients
Don't cut food too small. Fill the width of the feed tube fairly
full. This prevents the food from slipping sideways during
Food placed upright comes out shorter than food placed
There will always be a small amount of waste on the disc or
in the bowl after processing.

citrus juicer

Use the citrus juicer to squeeze the juice from citrus fruits
(eg oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits).
to use the citrus juicer
1 Fit the bowl onto the power unit, add the detachable drive
2 Fit the sieve into the bowl - ensuring the sieve handle is
locked into position directly over the bowl handle.
3 Place the cone over the drive shaft turning until it drops all
the way down.
4 Cut the fruit in half. Then switch on and press the fruit onto
the cone.
The citrus juicer will not operate if the sieve is
not locked correctly.
For best results store and juice the fruit at room temperature
and hand roll on a worktop before juicing.
To help with juice extraction move the fruit from side to side
when juicing.
When juicing large quantities, empty the strainer regularly to
prevent the build up of pulp and seeds.
(if supplied)

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Table of Contents

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