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Remove the float valve needle.
Check the float valve needle [A].
If the needle is worn [B] as shown in the figure, replace
the valve needle.
Push the rod [C] in the valve needle, and then release it
If the rod does not spring out, replace the valve needle.
Check the main jet [A], needle jet holder [B] and pilot jet
[C] for any damage.
If they are damaged, replace them with new ones.
Inspect the outside of the throttle valve [A] for scratches
and abnormal wear.
If the valve is badly scratched or worn, replace it.
Inspect the inside of the carburetor body for these same
If it is badly scratched or worn, replace the entire carbu-
[B] Sliding Surface
Check the jet needle [A] and needle jet [B] for wear.
A worn needle jet holder or jet needle should be replaced.
Disassemble the carburetor, and clean the fuel, air pas-
sages with high flash-point solvent and compressed air.
Stuff the lint-free, clean cloths into the air cleaner housing
to keep dirt or other foreign material from entering.
If dirt or dust is allowed to pass through into the car-
buretor, the throttle valve may become stuck, pos-
sibly causing accident. Replace the air cleaner ele-
ment according to the maintenance chart.


Table of Contents

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