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Interchange; Charging Condition Inspection; Refreshing Charge - Kawasaki KLX110 Service Manual

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Batteries produce an explosive gas mixture of hydrogen and oxygen that can cause seri-
ous injury and burns if ignited. Keep the battery away from sparks and open flames during
charging. When using a battery charger, connect the battery to the charger before turning
on the charger. This procedure prevents sparks at the battery terminals which could ignite
any battery gases. The electrolyte contains sulfuric acid. Be careful not to have it touch
your skin or eyes. If touched, wash it off with liberal amount of water and seek medial at-
tention for more severe burns.


A sealed battery can fully display its performance only when combined with a proper vehicle electric
system. Therefore, replace a sealed battery only on a motorcycle which was originally equipped with
a sealed battery.
Be careful, if a sealed battery is installed on a motorcycle which had an ordinary battery as original
equipment, the sealed battery's life will be shortened.

Charging Condition Inspection

Refer to Battery Charging Condition Inspection in the Pe-
riodic Maintenance chapter.

Refreshing Charge

Remove the battery (see Battery Removal).
Do refresh charge by following method according to the
battery terminal voltage.
This battery is sealed type. Charge with current and
time as stated below.
Terminal Voltage: 11.5 ∼ less than 12.6 V
Standard Charge 0.4 A × 5 ∼ 10 h (see following chart)
Quick Charge
If possible, do not quick charge. If quick charge is
done unavoidably, do standard charge later on.
Terminal Voltage: less than 11.5 V
Charging Method:
Increase the charging voltage to a maximum voltage of
25 V if the battery will not accept current initially. Charge
for no more than 5 minutes at the increased voltage then
check if the battery is drawing current. If the battery
will accept current decrease the voltage and charge by
the standard charging method described on the battery
case. If the battery will not accept current after 5 min-
utes, replace the battery.
Battery [A]
Battery Charger [B]
Standard Value [C]
Current starts to flow [D].
4 A × 0.5 h
0.4 A × 20 h


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