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Precautions - Kawasaki KLX110 Service Manual

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Initial Charge
Newly activated sealed batteries require an initial charge.
Standard Charge: 0.9 A × 5 ∼ 10 hours
If using a recommended battery charger, follow the
charger's instructions for newly activated sealed battery.
Kawasaki-recommended chargers:
Battery Mate 150-9
OptiMate PRO 4-S/PRO S/PRO2
Yuasa MB-2040/2060
Christie C10122S
If the above chargers are not available, use equivalent
Let battery sit 30 minutes after initial charge, then check
voltage using a voltmeter. (Voltage immediately after
charging becomes temporarily high. For accurate mea-
suring, let the battery sit for given time.)
Charging rates will vary depending on how long the
battery has been stored, temperature, and the type of
charger used. If voltage is not at least 12.6 V, repeat
charging cycle.
To ensure maximum battery life and customer satisfac-
tion, it is recommended the battery be load tested at
three times its amp-hour rating for 15 seconds.
Re-check voltage and if less than 12.6 V repeat the
charging cycle and load test. If still below 12.6 V the
battery is defective.


1) No need of topping-up.
No topping-up is necessary in this battery until it ends its life under normal use. Forcibly prying off the
seal cap to add water is very dangerous. Never do that.
2) Refreshing charge.
Give a refresh charge for 5 to 10 hours with charging current shown in the specification (see
Refreshing Charge).
When a fast charge is inevitably required, do it following precisely the maximum charge current
and time conditions indicated on the battery.
This battery is designed to sustain no unusual deterioration if refresh-charged according
to the method specified above. However, the battery's performance may be reduced no-
ticeably if charged under conditions other than given above. Never remove the seal cap
during refresh charge.
If by chance an excessive amount of gas is generated due to overcharging, the relief valve
releases the gas to keep the battery normal.
3) When you do not use the motorcycle for months.
Give a refresh charge before you store the motorcycle. And then store it with the negative cable
removed. However, check the battery's state of charge at every month to be sure it meets the
minimum 12.4 V specification and charge it to 100 % state of charge.
4) Battery life.
If the battery will not start the engine even after several refresh charges, the battery has ex-
ceeded its useful life. Replace it (Provided, however, the vehicle's starting system has no prob-


Table of Contents

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