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Cylinder Head; Compression Measurement - Kawasaki KLX110 Service Manual

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Cylinder Head

Compression Measurement

Warm up the engine thoroughly.
Stop the engine.
Remove the spark plug (see Spark Plug Cleaning and
Inspection in the Periodic Maintenance chapter).
Attach compression gauge and adapter firmly into the
spark plug hole.
Special Tools - Compression Gauge, 20 kgf/cm²: 57001-221
Compression Gauge Adapter, M10 × 1.0:
57001-1317 [B]
With the throttle fully open, turn the engine over sharply
with the kick starter several times until the compression
gauge stops rising; the compression is the highest read-
ing obtainable.
Cylinder Compression
Usable Range: 700 ∼ 1098 kPa (7.14 ∼ 11.2 kgf/cm²,
102 ∼ 159 psi) @5 times
Using the starter motor, turn the engine over with the throt-
tle fully open until the compression gauge stops rising; the
compression is the highest reading obtainable.
Cylinder Compression
Usable Range: 280 ∼ 498 kPa (2.86 ∼ 5.08 kgf/cm², 41 ∼
72 psi) @350 r/min (rpm)
The following table should be consulted if the obtainable compression reading is not within the us-
able range.
Cylinder compression
is higher than usable
Cylinder compression
is lower than usable
Remove the compression gauge and adapter, and install
the spark plug.
Torque - Spark Plug: 13 N·m (1.3 kgf·m, 115 in·lb)
Carbon accumulation on piston and in
combustion chamber possibly due to
damaged valve stem oil seal and/or
damaged piston oil rings (This may be
indicated by white exhaust smoke).
Incorrect cylinder head gasket, cylinder
base gasket thickness.
Damaged KACR spring.
KACR weight do not move smoothly.
Gas leakage around cylinder head.
Bad condition of valve seating.
Incorrect valve clearance.
Incorrect piston/cylinder clearance.
Piston seizure.
Bad condition of piston ring and/or piston
ring grooves.
KACR weight do not move smoothly.
Remedy (Action)
Remove the carbon deposits
and replace damaged parts if
Replace to gasket with a
standard part.
Replace the spring.
Replace the KACR unit.
Replace damaged gasket and
check cylinder head warp.
Repair if necessary.
Adjust the valve clearance.
Replace the piston and/or
Inspect the cylinder (and liner)
and replace/repair the cylinder
and/or piston as necessary.
Replace the piston and/or the
piston rings.
Replace the KACR unit.


Table of Contents

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