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HP 5200L Series User Manual: Print Quality Submenu

Hewlett-packard laserjet user guide.
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Print Quality submenu

Some items on this menu are available in the program or printer driver (if the appropriate driver is
installed). Program and printer-driver settings override control-panel settings. For more information,
drivers. In general, it is best to change these settings in the printer driver, if applicable.
List of available fuser modes
environments, such as UNIX, indicate a new line using only the
line feed control code. Use this option to append the required
carriage return to each line feed.
SUPPRESS BLANK PAGES: When generating your own PCL,
extra form feeds are included that would cause one or more
blank pages to be printed. Select YES for form feeds to be
ignored if the page is blank.
MEDIA SOURCE MAPPING: Allows you to select and maintain
trays by number when you are not using the printer driver or
when the software program has no option for tray selection.
CLASSIC: Tray numbering is based on LaserJet 4 and older
models. STANDARD: Tray numbering is based on newer
LaserJet models.
Shifts the margin alignment to center the image on the page
from top to bottom, and left to right. You can also align the
image that is printed on the front with the image that is
printed on the back. Allows for one-sided and two-sided
printing alignment.
PRINT TEST PAGE: Prints a test page that shows the
current registration settings.
SOURCE: Selects the tray for which you want to print the
test page.
ADJUST TRAY [N]: Sets the registration for the specified
tray, where [N] is the number of the tray. A selection
appears for each tray that is installed, and registration must
be set for each tray.
X1 SHIFT: Registration of the image on the paper from
side to side, as the paper lies in the tray. For duplexing,
this side is the second side (back) of the paper.
X2 SHIFT: Registration of the image on the paper from
side to side, as the paper lies in the tray, for the first
side (front) of a duplexed page. This item appears only
if the printer includes a built-in duplexer and DUPLEX
is ON. Set the X1 SHIFT first.
Y SHIFT: Registration of the image on the paper from
top to bottom as the paper lies in the tray.
The default setting for SOURCE is TRAY 2. The default
setting for ADJUST TRAY 1 and ADJUST TRAY 2 is 0.
Configures the fuser mode associated with each media type.
Configure Device menu


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