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Maneuver The Saw; To Start Sawing; Stopping The Saw - Husqvarna MC 18 9H Spare Parts & Operator's Manual

Husqvarna mc 18 saw spare parts & operator's manual
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Table of Contents
To Maneuver the Saw
Set the handle bar height to a comfortable position.
Raise the Blade (2E) as high as possible so that
the Blade (2E) will not strike pavement when

To Start Sawing

Follow all of the instructions outlined above.
Open the Water Valve (1A) FULL open. Check the
water to verify full fl ow, then adjust for proper amount
of water on the blade BEFORE you lower the Blade.
Test for adequate water supply [2-1/2 to 5
gal/min (10 to 20 lit./min)]. Low water fl ow will
cause damage to diamond blades.
If water supply is interrupted, stop cutting
Screw Feed Version:
Lower the blade into the cut by pulling up on the Depth
Control Lock (1E) and slowly turning the Hand Wheel
COUNTER-CLOCKWISE. When the desired depth of
cut is reached, push Depth Control Lock down to lock
it in the hand wheel.
During cutting, DO NOT exert excessive side pressure
on the Handle Bars to attempt to "STEER" the saw.
Use only enough pressure to follow the previously
marked line.
If the saw should stall for any reason, raise the blade
completely out of the cut before starting your power
source again!
When lowering the Blade (2E) into a partially made
cut, the blade must be perfectly aligned within the cut
before starting to saw again. DO NOT FORCE the
Blade (2E) into the material by lowering the Blade too
fast, or by propelling the saw too fast.

Stopping the Saw

Screw Feed Version:
Raise the blade out of the cut by pulling up on the
depth control lock and slowly turning the hand wheel
clockwise. Raise the blade (2E) high enough out of
the cut to clear the pavement when maneuvering the
Turn off the Water Valve (1A).
Turn the Engine Throttle to the IDLE position.
STOP the engine by turning the Engine Switch (1D)
to the OFF position.


Table of Contents

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