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Check Before Starting; Fitting The Blade; Starting The Power Source - Husqvarna MC 18 9H Spare Parts & Operator's Manual

Husqvarna mc 18 saw spare parts & operator's manual
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Check Before Starting

Take into account the working conditions from
the health and safety point of view.
FUEL: Check the engine maintenance manual.
* Gas Models: Unleaded gasoline is recommended.
Check that the engine oil level is correct. Because
the engine often operates at an angle, check the oil
level (with engine horizontal) frequently to ensure that
the oil level never falls below the lower mark on the
dipstick. 10W30 oil is recommended.

Fitting The Blade

(See Fig. 1 and 2)
Always set the Engine Switch (1D) to the "OFF"
position before mounting the Blade (2E).
Set the Engine Switch (1D) to the "OFF" position.
Raise the machine to a high position [by cranking the
Raise/Lower Hand Wheel].
Raise the front half of the Blade Guard (2H).
Unscrew the Blade Shaft Nut (2A). Remove Outer
Flange (2B).
Fit Diamond Blade (2E) on the Blade Shaft Arbor.
Install Outer Flange (2B) into the Blade Shaft (2I)
making sure that the Locking Pin (2D) passes through the
Diamond Blade (2E) and into the Inner Flange (2F).
Note the direction of rotation of the blade. The
direction of rotation is shown by an arrow on
the Diamond Blade (2E). Make sure that the
contact surfaces on the Diamond Blade (2E),
Inner & Outer Flanges (2B & 2F) and Blade
Arbor are clean.
Rotate Outer Flange (2B) and the Blade (2E) in the
opposite direction of blade rotation to remove back-
Install and tighten Blade Flange Nut using the Blade
Shaft Wrench [50 lb.-ft. (68 N-m)] while fi rmly holding
the Diamond Blade (2E).
Lower front half of Blade Guard (2H).
The Blade Shaft Nut (2A) on the Right Hand
side has Left Hand threads.

Starting The Power Source

Always pay extreme care and attention to the
preparation of the machine before starting.
Remove all wrenches and tools from the fl oor
and the machine.
Always keep blade guard and transmission
guard in place.
On Gasoline Engine Models:
1. Refer to the engine operating manual for proper engine
2. Fill the engine fuel tank and check the engine oil level.
Refer to the engine manual for detailed information.
3. Start the engine. Refer to the engine manual for detailed
4. Let the engine warm up at half throttle. All sawing is
done at full throttle. The governor is factory set for the
correct engine speed.
setting – it is factory set for the correct speed.
Engine Stop Switch DOWN, located on the
handle support of the saw. [Wait for all engine
movement to stop.]
Do not change the Governor


Table of Contents

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