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Scene Management Using Studio Manager And M7cl Editor; Editing Console files On The M7cl Editor; Online With M7cl Editor; Managing Scenes With The Editor - Yamaha M7CL Quick Start Manual

Guide to scenes; recall safe, focus, storing, scene management, saving and loading.
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Scene management using Studio Manager and M7CL Editor.

Yamaha's Studio Manager is a host program to contain editors for various Yamaha products. It gets the "Studio" name
as originally it was for the studio desks and digital keyboards. Yamaha Studio Manager is available for PC and Mac
systems but currently there is no Mac version of the M7CL editor.
The M7CL editor can be used either ONLINE or OFFLINE, that is, either connected to a console or disconnected.
Console fi les, stored on a USB storage device, can be opened with the Editor or fi les can be synchronized between the
editor and a console via an EtherNet connection so that you can work on fi les currently being used by the console.
The Studio Manager host program, the M7CL editor and the DME-N Network driver are all available free from www. There are guides on how to connect there as well.
Editing console files on the M7CL Editor.
Console fi les, stored to a USB storage device can be opened using M7CL editor. Open a stored session with [File] > [Open
Session...] and browse for the USB storage device in [My Computer]. Only .YSE fi les are displayed until you select
[Console File] in the [Files of type] box below the fi le name box.
The Editor can be used to change most of the scene parameter data. Notably the Editor cannot be used for the items in
the following text boxes.
Cannot be set by M7CL Editor
(but still saved in .M7C, .YSM or .YSE fi les)
- User defined keys
- Preferences
- OUTPORT delay and level settings
- MIDI setup
- Word clock
- Master +48V
- CUE pop-up (PFL trim inputs, DCA trim, PFL trim
- MONITOR pop-up (levels, source on/off, mono, link)
- Oscillator (all parameters)
- Sends on fader selected
- User access level

Online with M7CL Editor.

When connected via the Ethernet port and "online" the editor can control the M7CL console. Dragging the controls with
the mouse will cause the mixer parameters, the screen images and faders to change and move. Please note that until
the "RE SYNC" operation is completed the Editor and M7CL may not show the same settings. When "RE SYNC" is
performed each parameter will be copied to the other device and it is important to make the correct decision when faced
with the [Re-Synchronize] dialog box; [Console -> PC] or [PC -> Console].

Managing scenes with the Editor.

The Editor session is just like the console session in that it contains 300 scenes. Scenes can be stored and recalled from
the Master window, and scenes can be viewed in the Scene window just like the console.
Cannot be set by M7CL Editor
(and not stored in .M7C, .YSM or .YSE fi les)
- Network settings
- Clock (day/date etc)
- Passwords
- Brightness controls
The Scene window:
FILE column on the left.
INTERNAL DATA column on the right.
M7CL Quick Start Guide Part 3


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