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HP 1005 Series User Manual

Hewlett-packard laserjet user guide.
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hp LaserJet 1005 series



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   Summary of Contents for HP 1005 Series

  • Page 1

    LaserJet 1005 series...

  • Page 3

    HP LaserJet 1005 Series Printer User Guide...

  • Page 4

    A user of the Hewlett-Packard printer associated with this user guide is granted a license to: a) print hard copies of this user guide for PERSONAL, INTERNAL or...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Accessing the printer properties (driver) and help....... . . 30...

  • Page 6

    HP policy on non-HP print cartridges ........

  • Page 7

    Supported media sizes (printer) ........

  • Page 8

    Content ENWW...

  • Page 9: Getting Started

    This chapter provides the following instructions for installing the software and setting up the printer: Review the package contents Prepare the location Regulate the environment Install the printer software Open the print cartridge door Remove the left cover Connect the printer cable Prepare the print cartridge...

  • Page 10: Review The Package Contents

    Power cord Paper input tray Prepare the location Place the printer on a sturdy, level surface. Allow space for ventilation. Allow space behind the printer for output from the straight-through output door. 8 Chapter 1 Getting started 486 mm (19.1 in.)

  • Page 11: Regulate The Environment

    Regulate the environment Do not place the printer in direct sunlight. Make sure that the environment is free from abrupt temperature or humidity changes. Temperature – 50° to 91° F (10° to 32.5° C) Relative humidity – 20% to 80%...

  • Page 12: Open The Print Cartridge Door

    Pull out on the rear of the cover, and rotate it away from the printer. Connect the printer cable Plug the printer cable into the printer (A). Plug the printer cable into the PC (B). 10 Chapter 1 Getting started...

  • Page 13: Prepare The Print Cartridge

    Remove the print cartridge from the plastic bag. To remove the mylar tape, break the tab on the left, and pull the tape completely out. Install the print cartridge Insert the print cartridge into the printer, making sure that the print cartridge is in position. ENWW Install the print cartridge 11...

  • Page 14: Load The Paper Input Tray

    Load the paper input tray Slide the paper input tray in and down at an angle until it fits securely in the printer. Slide the media guides out and back to accommodate the media. Place the media in the paper input tray. Slide the media guides until they are flush with the media.

  • Page 15: Troubleshooting The Printer

    Before you connect the cable to the printer, always unplug the printer. Otherwise, the printer might be damaged. Installation is complete Congratulations! Your HP LaserJet 1005 Series Printer is ready to use. If you had any problems, Troubleshooting the printer

  • Page 16

    14 Chapter 1 Getting started ENWW...

  • Page 17: Getting To Know The Printer

    Getting to know the printer This chapter provides information on the following topics: Identifying the printer’s components Turning the power off Understanding voltage conversions ENWW...

  • Page 18: Identifying The Printer's Components

    6. Output bin 7. Long media extension (output bin) 8. Media jam release levers 9. Straight-through output door 10. Power switch 11. Power receptacle 12. USB port 13. Parallel port 14. Left cover 16 Chapter 2 Getting to know the printer ENWW...

  • Page 19: Status Lights

    Note Status light patterns Printer paper input tray The enclosed paper input tray, located in front of the printer, holds up to 250 sheets of 20 lb (75 g/m ) paper, multiple envelopes, or other media. Media specifications...

  • Page 20: Printer Media Guides

    The paper input tray has a long media support and side media guides. Media guides ensure that the media is correctly fed into the printer and that the print is not skewed (crooked on the media). When loading media, adjust the media guides to match the width and length of the media that you are using.

  • Page 21: Print Cartridge Door

    Print cartridge door The print cartridge door is located on the front of the printer. You must open the print cartridge door to access the print cartridge, clear jams, and clean the printer. To open the print cartridge door, firmly grasp the left and right sides, and pull the print cartridge door toward you.

  • Page 22: Turning The Power Off

    Because of the different specifications, Hewlett-Packard does not offer a voltage conversion or support the voltage conversion of the U.S. version of the HP LaserJet family of printers for foreign use. If you plan on using the equipment outside of the United States, Hewlett-Packard advises you to purchase the products in the country/region where you will use them.

  • Page 23: Media

    Media This chapter provides information on the following topics: Choosing paper and other media Optimizing print quality for media types Loading media into the paper input tray Printing transparencies and labels Printing envelopes Printing letterhead and preprinted forms Printing custom-sized media and card stock ENWW...

  • Page 24: Choosing Paper And Other Media

    Choosing paper and other media HP LaserJet printers produce excellent print quality documents. You can print on a variety of media, such as paper (including up to 100% recycled fiber content paper), envelopes, labels, transparencies, and custom-sized media. The following are the supported media sizes: Minimum: 76 by 127 mm (3 by 5 in.)

  • Page 25: Loading Media Into The Paper Input Tray

    When you add new media, make sure that you remove all of the media from the paper input tray and straighten the stack of new media. This helps prevent multiple sheets of media from feeding through the printer at one time, reducing media jams. Specific types of media Transparencies and labels: Load transparencies and labels with the top forward and the side to be printed facing up.

  • Page 26: Printing Transparencies And Labels

    Transparency or Labels from the Optimize for drop-down list, and click OK. Print the document. To prevent the media from sticking together, remove the media from the back of the printer as it prints, and place the printed pages on a flat surface. 24 Chapter 3 Media...

  • Page 27: Printing Envelopes

    If the envelopes have a flap on the short edge, feed that edge into the printer first. Adjust the media guides to the length and width of the envelopes. Access the printer properties. See instructions. Click the Paper tab, select Envelope from the Optimize for drop-down list, and click OK.

  • Page 28: Printing Letterhead And Preprinted Forms

    To print a single-page cover letter on letterhead followed by a multiple-page document, load the standard media in the paper input tray. Place a sheet of letterhead on top of the standard media. The printer automatically prints the letterhead first.

  • Page 29: Printing Custom-sized Media And Card Stock

    Printing custom-sized media and card stock The HP LaserJet 1005 Series Printer can print on custom-sized media or card stock between 76 by 127 mm (3 by 5 in.) and 216 by 356 mm (8.5 by 14 in.). CAUTION Make sure that the media is not stuck together before you load it.

  • Page 30

    28 Chapter 3 Media ENWW...

  • Page 31: Printing Tasks

    Printing tasks This chapter provides information on the following topics: Accessing the printer properties (driver) and help Printing watermarks Printing multiple pages on a single sheet of media (N-up printing) Canceling a print job Understanding print quality settings Using EconoMode (Save Toner)

  • Page 32: Accessing The Printer Properties (driver) And Help

    Printer properties online help Printer properties (driver) Printer properties control the printer. You can change the default settings, such as media size and type, printing multiple pages on a single sheet of media (N-up printing), resolution, and watermarks. You can access the printer properties in the following ways: Through the software application that you are using to print.

  • Page 33: Printing Watermarks

    To access the watermark feature From the software application, access the printer properties. See instructions. Click the Effects tab, and specify the type of watermark that you want to print on your document.

  • Page 34: Canceling A Print Job

    If the status lights continue to blink after you cancel a print job, the computer is still sending the job to the printer. Either delete the job from the print queue or wait until the computer finishes sending data. The printer will return to the Ready state.

  • Page 35: Managing The Print Cartridge

    Managing the print cartridge This chapter provides information on the following topics: Using HP print cartridges Storing print cartridges Print cartridge life expectancy Recycling print cartridges Saving toner Redistributing toner Changing the print cartridge ENWW...

  • Page 36: Using Hp Print Cartridges

    Since they are not HP products, Hewlett-Packard cannot influence their design or control their quality. Service or repair that is required as a result of using non-HP print cartridges will not be covered under the printer warranty.

  • Page 37: Redistributing Toner

    Hot water will permanently set the toner into the fabric. Reinsert the print cartridge into the printer, and close the print cartridge door. If the print is still light, install a new print cartridge. See cartridge for instructions.

  • Page 38: Changing The Print Cartridge

    Pull the tab until all of the tape is removed from the cartridge. Put the tab in the print cartridge box to return for recycling. Insert the print cartridge in the printer, making sure that the print cartridge is in position. Close the print cartridge door.

  • Page 39: Troubleshooting The Printer

    Changing the pickup roller Cleaning the pickup roller Changing the printer separation pad Note See Hewlett-Packard’s Web site for software and printer driver updates, frequently asked questions, and additional troubleshooting information. See ENWW Online services for the appropriate Web address.

  • Page 40: Finding The Solution

    The printer settings were inappropriate for the media: See more information. Software is installed, but pages did not print Is the printer driver icon available? Is the printer in Ready mode? Can you select the printer in the Print dialog? See 38 Chapter 6 Troubleshooting the printer for more information.

  • Page 41: Status Light Patterns

    The printer is out of memory. Door open, media out, no print cartridge, media jam, or media jam levers are down The printer is in an error state that requires operator intervention or help. Action No action is necessary. Wait for the job to print.

  • Page 42

    Printer cable is not connected or there is no power Both lights are off. Action No action is necessary. Unplug the printer for 5 minutes, and then plug it back in. If the printer still has an error, contact HP Support. See Service and support.

  • Page 43: Error Messages On The Screen

    Check the following: The Ready light is on. The power cord and printer cable are correctly connected. CAUTION Before you connect the cable to the printer, always unplug the printer. Otherwise, the printer might be damaged. Try the following: Reboot the computer.

  • Page 44: Media Handling Problems

    Open or close the straight-through output door to reflect the output path that you want to use. See Printer output paths The maximum speed of the printer is 14 pages per minute. The print job might be very complex. Try the following: Reduce the complexity of the document (for example, reduce the number of multiple graphics).

  • Page 45: Printed Page Is Different Than What Appeared On Screen

    Otherwise, the printer might be damaged. The wrong printer driver might have been selected when the software was installed. Make sure that HP LaserJet 1005 Series Printer is selected in the printer properties. There might be a problem with the software application. Try printing from another software application.

  • Page 46: Printer Software Problems

    Printer software problems Printer software problems Problem A printer driver for the HP LaserJet 1005 Series Printer is not visible in the Printer folder. An error message was displayed during the software installation The printer is in Ready mode, but...

  • Page 47: Improving Print Quality

    Configure tab, and decrease the Print Density setting. This decreases the amount of background shading. Change the media to a lighter basis weight. See information. Check the printer’s environment. Very dry (low humidity) conditions can increase the amount of background shading. Install a new HP print cartridge. See ENWW...

  • Page 48

    Optimize for drop-down list. Plug the printer directly into an AC outlet instead of into a power strip. Vertical repetitive defects The print cartridge might be damaged. If a repetitive mark occurs at the same spot on the page, install a new HP print cartridge.

  • Page 49

    Also, try rotating the media 180° in the paper input tray. Open the straight-through output door, and try printing straight through. See paths for more information. The fuser temperature might be too high. Access the printer properties. See (driver) appropriate media from the Optimize for drop-down list. Wrinkles or creases Make sure that the media is loaded properly.

  • Page 50: Cleaning The Printer

    Over time, this buildup can cause print quality problems, such as toner specks or smearing. To correct and prevent these types of problems, you can clean the print cartridge area and the printer media path. See the following sections for more information:...

  • Page 51: Cleaning The Print Cartridge Area

    To prevent damage, do not expose the print cartridge to light. Cover the print cartridge if necessary. Also, do not touch the black sponge transfer roller inside the printer. By doing so, you can damage the printer. With a dry, lint-free cloth, wipe any residue from the media path area and the print cartridge cavity.

  • Page 52: Cleaning The Printer Media Path

    Cleaning the printer media path If you are experiencing toner specks or dots on the printouts, you can use the HP LaserJet cleaning utility to remove excess media and toner particles that can accumulate on the fuser assembly and rollers. Cleaning the media path might extend the life of the printer.

  • Page 53: Clearing Printer Media Jams

    Output paths: If the page is sticking out of the output bin, gently try to remove it without tearing the page. If you feel resistance, see Note There might be loose toner in the printer after a media jam. This toner clears up after a few sheets print. ENWW for more information.

  • Page 54: Removing A Jammed Page

    Note The media jam release levers automatically close when you close the straight-through output door. After clearing a media jam, you might need to unplug the printer, and plug it back in. Note When you add new media, remove all of the media from the paper input tray, and straighten the stack of new media.

  • Page 55: Changing The Pickup Roller

    Changing the pickup roller ENWW If the printer regularly mispicks (no media feeds through or more than one sheet feeds through), you might need to change or clean the pickup roller. Accessories and ordering information CAUTION Failure to complete this procedure might damage the printer.

  • Page 56

    Rotate the top of the new pickup roller away from you until both sides snap into place. Reinstall the print cartridge, and close the print cartridge door. Plug the printer in to turn it back on. ENWW...

  • Page 57: Cleaning The Pickup Roller

    WARNING! Alcohol is flammable. Keep the alcohol and cloth away from an open flame. Before you close the printer and plug in the power cord, allow the alcohol to dry completely. Using a dry, lint-free cloth, wipe the pickup roller to remove loosened dirt.

  • Page 58: Changing The Printer Separation Pad

    See information to order a new printer separation pad. Unplug the power cord from the printer, and allow the printer to cool. Remove the paper input tray. Find the blue separation pad. To pry the separation pad up from the spring-loaded base, insert a flat-edged screwdriver in the slot under the separation pad, and twist until the tabs are free.

  • Page 59

    Reinsert the pickup roller, print cartridge, and paper input tray. Plug the printer in to turn it back on. Changing the printer separation pad 57...

  • Page 60

    58 Chapter 6 Troubleshooting the printer ENWW...

  • Page 61: Service And Support

    Service and support This chapter provides information on the following topics: Availability Hardware service Extended warranty Guidelines for repacking the printer Service information form Hewlett-Packard Support Worldwide sales and service offices ENWW...

  • Page 62: Availability

    The availability of these programs varies depending on your location. Hardware service The warranty for the HP LaserJet 1005 Series Printer varies depending on the date and country/region of purchase. For products that require service under the warranty, customers should call the customer support center in their country/region.

  • Page 63: Service Information Form

    Service information form Service information form Who is returning the equipment? Person to contact: Alternate contact: Return shipping address: What is being sent? Please attach any relevant printouts when returning equipment. Do not ship accessories that are not required to complete the repair (for example, media trays, manuals, and cleaning supplies) What needs to be done? 1.

  • Page 64: Hewlett-packard Support

    Online services For 24-hour access to information over your modem, we suggest the following services. World Wide Web URL You can obtain printer drivers, updated HP printer software, and product and support information from the following sites: in the U.S.

  • Page 65: Obtaining Software Utilities And Electronic Information

    HP printer software, and support documentation to help answer your questions about which HP products are available. Use Keyword HP to start the tour or call 1-800-827-6364 and use preferred customer #1118 to subscribe. In Europe, call the following numbers:...

  • Page 66: Worldwide Sales And Service Offices

    Hewlett-Packard Sales and Service offices. To find the phone number for the Sales and Service office in your country/region, go to From the main Web page, select your country/region, and follow the links to Contact HP and Office Locations.

  • Page 67: Appendix A Printer Specifications

    Printer specifications This chapter provides information on the following topics: Specifications FCC compliance Environmental Product Stewardship Program Material Safety Data Sheet Regulatory statements ENWW...

  • Page 68: Specifications

    Humidity: 10% to 80% (no condensation) During printing: 6.1 Bels (A) sound power level (per ISO 9296) (HP LaserJet 1005 Series Printer tested at 14 ppm) Sound pressure level (bystander position): 48 dB Sound pressure level (operator position): 56 dB...

  • Page 69

    Printer capacities and ratings Print speed Paper input tray capacity Output bin capacity Minimum media size Maximum media size Media weight Base memory Print resolution Duty cycle Port availability Parallel ENWW 14 pages per minute First page out in less than 10 seconds...

  • Page 70: Fcc Compliance

    Consult your dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician. Note Any changes or modifications to the printer that are not expressly approved by Hewlett-Packard could void the user’s authority to operate this equipment. Use of a shielded interface cable is required to comply with the Class B limits of Part 15 of FCC rules.

  • Page 71: Environmental Product Stewardship Program

    Hewlett-Packard through the HP Printing Supplies Environmental Program. This easy-to-use, free take-back program is available in over 25 countries/regions. Multi-lingual program information and instructions are included in every new HP Print Cartridge and Consumables box.

  • Page 72: Material Safety Data Sheet

    The HP LaserJet print cartridges go to a collection center and are shipped in bulk to our resource and recovery partners who disassemble the print cartridge. Remaining materials are separated and converted into raw materials for use by other industries to make a variety of useful products.

  • Page 73: Regulatory Statements

    August 1, 1976. Compliance is mandatory for products marketed in the United States. The printer is certified as a “Class 1” laser product under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Radiation Performance Standard according to the Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act of 1968.

  • Page 74: Laser Statement For Finland

    överskrider gränsen för laserklass 1. HUOLTO HP LaserJet 1005 -kirjoittimen sisällä ei ole käyttäjän huollettavissa olevia kohteita. Laitteen saa avata ja huoltaa ainoastaan sen huoltamiseen koulutettu henkilö. Tällaiseksi huoltotoimenpiteeksi ei katsota väriainekasetin vaihtamista, paperiradan puhdistusta tai muita käyttäjän käsikirjassa lueteltuja, käyttäjän tehtäväksi tarkoitettuja ylläpitotoimia, jotka voidaan suorittaa ilman...

  • Page 75: Appendix B Media Specifications

    Media specifications This chapter provides information on the following topics: Printer media specifications Supported media sizes (printer) Guidelines for using media ENWW...

  • Page 76: Printer Media Specifications

    Printer media specifications HP LaserJet printers produce excellent print quality. The printer accepts a variety of media, such as cut-sheet paper (including recycled paper), envelopes, labels, transparencies, vellum, and custom-sized media. Properties such as weight, grain, and moisture content are important factors affecting printer performance and output quality.

  • Page 77: Guidelines For Using Media

    Do not use raised letterhead. The printer uses heat and pressure to fuse toner to the paper. Make sure that any colored paper or preprinted forms use inks that are compatible with the printer temperature (200° C or 392° F for 0.1 second).

  • Page 78: Labels

    Labels When selecting labels, consider the quality of the following components: Adhesives: The adhesive material should be stable at 200° C (392° F), the printer’s maximum temperature. Arrangement: Only use labels that do not have exposed backing between them. Labels can peel off of sheets that have spaces between the labels, causing serious jams.

  • Page 79: Card Stock And Heavy Media

    Envelopes with a peel-off adhesive strip or with more than one flap that folds over to seal must use adhesives compatible with the heat and pressure in the printer: 200° C (392° F). The extra flaps and strips might cause wrinkling, creasing, or jams.

  • Page 80

    78 Appendix B Media specifications ENWW...

  • Page 81: Appendix C Warranty And Licensing

    Warranty and licensing This chapter provides information on the following topics: Hewlett-Packard software license agreement Hewlett-Packard limited warranty statement Limited warranty for print cartridge life ENWW...

  • Page 82: Hewlett-packard Software License Agreement

    The transferee must accept these License Terms as a condition to the transfer. Termination. HP may terminate your license upon notice for failure to comply with any of these License Terms. Upon termination, you must immediately destroy the Software, together with all copies, adaptations, and merged portions in any form.

  • Page 83: Hewlett-packard Limited Warranty Statement

    3. HP does not warrant that the operation of HP products will be uninterrupted or error free. If HP is unable, within a reasonable time, to repair or replace any product to a condition as warranted, you will be entitled to a refund of the purchase price upon prompt return of the product.

  • Page 84


  • Page 85: Limited Warranty For Print Cartridge Life

    The following warranty applies to the print cartridge that came with this printer. HP print cartridges are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship until the HP toner is depleted. The warranty covers any defects or malfunctions in a new HP print cartridge. How long does the coverage last? The coverage lasts until the HP toner is depleted, at which time the warranty expires.

  • Page 86

    84 Appendix C Warranty and licensing ENWW...

  • Page 87: Appendix D Accessories And Ordering Information

    Accessories and ordering information You can increase the printer’s capabilities with optional accessories and supplies. Use accessories and supplies specifically designed for the HP LaserJet 1005 Series Printer to ensure optimum performance. Ordering information Printing supplies Print cartridges Supplementary documentation...

  • Page 88

    Used to pick the media from the paper input tray and advance it through the printer. Paper input tray Used to hold media for the printer. Paper input tray cover Used to cover the media in the paper input tray.

  • Page 89: Appendix E Installing Shared Printers

    Follow the instructions on the screen. When asked if the printer is a local or network printer, select Network Printer. To find the printer, click Browse, find the HP LaserJet 1005 Series Printer on the network, and click OK. When prompted, print a test page to ensure that the printer driver is installed properly.

  • Page 90

    88 Appendix E Installing shared printers ENWW...

  • Page 91: Index

    Hardware extended warranty 60 setting up 7 warranty 60 Heavy media guidelines for using 77 Help, online 30 HP Printing Supplies Environmental Program 70 HP SupportPack 60, 63 ENWW Image defects creases 47 curled media 47 dropouts 45 faded print 45...

  • Page 92

    20 voltage conversions 20 Preprinted forms printing 26 Print cartridge changing 36 life expectancy 34 limited warranty statement 83 non-HP print cartridges 34 recycling 34 storing 34 Print cartridge area cleaning 49 Print cartridge door 19 Print quality optimizing 22...

  • Page 93

    41 finding solutions 38 image defects 45 media handling 42 media jams 51 print quality 45 printed page problems 43 printer 37 software 44 status light patterns 39 Utilities obtaining 63 Voltage conversions 20 Warranty extended 60...

  • Page 94

    Index ENWW...

  • Page 96

    © 2003 Hewlett-Packard Company *Q2676-90906* *Q2676-90906* Q2676-90906...

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