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Cycle Options - Kenmore 417.4112 Series Use & Care Manual

Front load washer
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Operating Instructions

Cycle Options

To select an option, press Options until the indicator for the
desired option fl ashes, then press Select. If an option is not
available for a cycle, the indicator will not light. Follow the
same steps to delete an option.
Occasionally, a setting and option in the same cycle will
confl ict with each other, like No Spin (or Low Spin) and
Save Energy. When this happens, the energy saver option
will override any incompatible selections.
The options selected for the cycle will be remembered and
recalled each time that cycle is selected in the future. To re-
turn to factory settings, press the START/PAUSE and Select
buttons at the same time and hold until the signal sounds.
To change the options after the cycle starts, press PAUSE,
adjust the options and press START to resume the cycle.
A signal will sound at the end of the cycle if this option
is selected. The signal has an adjustable volume level or
can be turned off .
Stain Boost
Use the Stain Boost option to add a 5-minute soak in the
middle of the wash portion of select cycles.
Save Energy
The Save Energy option defaults to a cold temperature
setting (in most cycles) and also extracts more water to
reduce drying time.
Extra Rinse
Use this option when additional rinsing is desired to
remove excess dirt and detergent. It is recommended for
heavily soiled loads or if household members have sensi-
tive skin.

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