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Kenmore 417.4112 Series Use & Care Manual page 19

Front load washer
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Inside Cleaning (Aggressive)
In cases where the Clean Washer cycle along with care
and cleaning of rubber gasket folds isn't done, and severe
odor, mold, mildew, or residue buildup have developed,
follow the below cleaning procedure to help alleviate the
Ensure the wash tub is empty (or no clothes load). Open
the detergent drawer and pour eight (8) cups of bleach
into the detergent compartment on the left. Select Clean
Washer cycle as described previously in Inside Routine
Cleaning (Preventive) .
Upon cycle completion inspect the interior of the washer
to see if the odor/residue has been eliminated. If any
additional cleaning is required, repeat the above procedure.
This may take several cycles depending on the severity
of the odor/residue. You may observe some remaining
discoloration due to the long term eff ects of this residue.
For especially contaminated areas visible inside the drum
(including the front rubber seal), these areas might be
more eff ectively cleaned by spraying a Bleach Cleaner on
a scrub brush, soft sponge, or towel and scrubbing.
Always wear rubber or latex gloves and protect fl oor
and clothing from damage.
If odor is still left after bleach cycle(s) and bleach cleaner,
open the detergent drawer and pour one (1) pouch of TIDE
WASHING MACHINE CLEANER in detergent drawer. Select
Clean Washer Cycle as above and start the washer.
For best results
Immediately follow up with a Rinse &
Spin cycle on Extra High Spin Speed
with no detergent or bleach to help
clear any residual bleach left after the
Clean Washer cycle.
See Inside Routine Cleaning (Preventive) for future
cleaning maintenance which is necessary to avoid
repeating issues.
If the Clean Washer cycle is cancelled or paused during
the cycle, the washer will go through 2 rinse cycles to
clean the drum of any residual bleach before unlocking
the door.
Press and hold both for ten seconds
to enter Clean Washer cycle.
Do not use or mix liquid chlorine bleach with other
household chemicals such as toilet cleaners, rust
removers, acid or products containing ammonia. These
mixtures can produce dangerous fumes which can cause
serious injury or death.
Care and Cleaning

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