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Normal Operating Sounds - Kenmore 417.4112 Series Use & Care Manual

Front load washer
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Operating Instructions

Normal Operating Sounds

You may or may not hear the following sounds from your
new washer:
A. DRAIN HOSE The washer has a fl exible drain hose to
carry water from the washer to the stand pipe of your
home. You will hear water fl owing into your stand pipe.
This is a normal part of the operation of the washer.
B. WATER VALVES/DISPENSER As water enters the
dispenser system, it is common to hear a water fl owing
sound. This normal sound will vary slightly based on the
water pressure in your home.
C. DRAIN PUMP Your washer is equipped with a high
velocity drain pump. It is normal to hear humming and
gurgling sounds as water is pumped from the washer.
Both of these sounds are normal and indicate that your
pump is functioning correctly.
D. HIGH SPEED MOTOR A powerful motor is used to drive
the drum to high spin speeds to extract water from your
load. You will hear a sound associated with these higher
spin speeds. This sound is normal and will vary slightly as
the spin speed varies with load size and cycle selected.
Abnormal, on-going sounds may be an indication of a
pending washer failure and should be investigated by a
qualifi ed technician.

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