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Kenmore 417.4112 Series Use & Care Manual page 12

Front load washer
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Operating Instructions
Operating Your Washer, continued
5 Add laundry products to the dispenser.
For best results
Use a low-sudsing, high effi ciency
detergent to prevent oversudsing in
front load washers. Look for this symbol
on the detergent label:
Detergent, liquid chlorine bleach and liquid fabric soft-
ener will be dispensed at the proper times in the cycle.
Open and close the dispenser drawer slowly. Closing the
drawer too quickly could result in early dispensing of the
bleach or fabric softener.
Liquid or Powder Detergent
• Use the cap or scoop provided by the detergent
manufacturer to measure the amount recommended.
• Detergent dosage may need to be adjusted for water
temperature, water hardness, load size and soil level.
Other Wash Products
Color-safe bleach, water conditioner, detergent booster
and enzyme products may be added with the detergent.
Put liquid products with liquid detergent in the "DETER-
GENT WASH" chamber or powder products with pow-
der detergent in the "DETERGENT WASH" chamber.
Do not mix liquids and powders.
Use of multi-product (detergent plus softener) sheets or
color-absorbing sheets NOT recommended. They could
disable your machine and result in unwarranted repair
From time to time you may see water in the "LIQUID
BLEACH" and "FABRIC SOFTENER" chambers. This is
part of the normal operation of the washer.
Liquid Chlorine Bleach
• If desired, add liquid chlorine bleach to the cham-
ber labeled "LIQUID BLEACH" and marked with this
• Fill to the MIN line for small loads or the MAX line for
large loads.
• DO NOT fi ll above the maximum fi ll line.
To prevent fabric damage, do not overfi ll the "LIQUID
BLEACH" chamber or pour liquid chlorine bleach directly
onto the load.
• Add color-safe bleach with the detergent.
Liquid Fabric Softener
• If desired, pour the recommended amount of liquid
fabric softener into the chamber labeled "FABRIC
SOFTENER" and marked with this symbol
• Fill to the MIN line for small loads or the MAX line for
large loads.
• DO NOT fi ll above the maximum fi ll line.
To prevent staining, do not overfi ll the "FABRIC
SOFTENER" chamber or pour liquid fabric softener
directly on the wash load.
• Use of a fabric softener-dispensing ball is not recom-
mended in tumble action washers.
6 Select the appropriate cycle and settings for
the load.
• Turn the cycle selector knob in either direction to
select the cycle desired.
• The estimated cycle time, suitable wash and rinse
water temperatures, fi nal spin speed, soil level, and
options for each cycle will be indicated for the cycle
selected. See the "Washer Settings Chart" for more
• To change the settings, press the Wash Temp, Spin
Speed and Soil Level buttons to scroll to the desired

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