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Mitsubishi Electric PAR-31MAA Operation Manual page 3

City multi control system and mitsubishi mr. slim air conditioners ma remote controller
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To reduce the risk of fire or explosion, do not place
flammable materials or use flammable sprays
around the controller.
To reduce the risk of damage to the controller, do not
directly spray insecticide or other flammable sprays
on the controller.
To reduce the risk of environmental pollution, consult
an authorized agency for proper disposal of remote
To reduce the risk of electric shock or malfunctions,
do not touch the touch panel, switches, or buttons
with a pointy or sharp object.
Precautions for moving or repairing the controller
The controller should be repaired or moved only by
qualified personnel. Do not disassemble or modify
the controller.
Improper installation or repair may cause injury,
electric shock, or fire.
Additional precautions
To avoid damage to the controller, use appropriate
tools to install, inspect, or repair the controller.
This controller is designed for exclusive use with the
Building Management System by Mitsubishi Electric.
The use of this controller for with other systems or
for other purposes may cause malfunctions.
To reduce the risk of injury and electric shock, avoid
contact with sharp edges of certain parts.
To avoid injury from broken glass, do not apply
excessive force on the glass parts.
To reduce the risk of injury, wear protective gear
when working on the controller.
To reduce the risk of shorting, electric shock, fire,
or malfunction, do not touch the circuit board with
tools or with your hands, and do not allow dust to
accumulate on the circuit board.
To avoid discoloration, do not use benzene, thinner,
or chemical rag to clean the controller. To clean the
controller, wipe with a soft cloth soaked in water with
mild detergent, wipe off the detergent with a wet
cloth, and wipe off water with a dry cloth.
To avoid damage to the controller, provide protection
against static electricity.

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