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Honda 2007 MDX Navigation Manual

Honda 2007 mdx.
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2007 MDX
Navigation Manual
This document does not contain hyperlinks and may be formatted for printing instead of web us. This is
due to changes in content and specifications of the vehicle that happen throughout the model year. This
manual will be replaced with a hyperlinked version at the end of the model year.
© 2007 Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
BOM 35405
P/N 31STX8002


   Summary of Contents for Honda 2007 MDX

  • Page 1: Navigation Manual

    This manual will be replaced with a hyperlinked version at the end of the model year. © 2007 Honda Motor Co., Ltd. BOM 35405...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction ........4 Traffic Display Legend....22 By Map Input.........45 Real Time Traffic Display.....23 Showing the Map of Current Manual Overview ......4 Position......... 45 Viewing Flow Data ......23 System Overview ......4 Showing the Map of City....46 Viewing Incident Reports....24 Accessories Precautions ....5 Showing the Map of State ....

  • Page 3

    Table of Contents Direction List.........57 Using Interface Dial to Change Guidance Prompts ......83 Destination ........73 Setup Screen (second)....84 EXIT INFO Entering a Destination from the Menu Personal Information .....84 (Freeway Exit Information)..58 Screen (while on route) ....74 Split Screen Guidance ....58 Address Book .........

  • Page 4

    Table of Contents Switching Display Mode....104 Coverage Areas ......118 Single DVD Voice Commands AcuraLink/Messages ....107 (for DVD Player) ......148 Map Coverage......118 System Information .....107 Single MP3/WMA Voice U.S. Detailed Coverage Areas..118 Rear View Camera ......107 Canada Detailed Coverage Areas . 122 Commands (for DVD Player)...149 Rear View Camera Brightness Rear Radio Voice Commands ..150...

  • Page 5: Introduction

    Introduction Manual Overview System Overview The back of this manual contains: The manual is divided into the Your navigation system is a highly • Map Coverage (page 118) following sections: sophisticated location system with voice • Cities with Traffic Coverage control that uses satellites and a map •...

  • Page 6: Accessories Precautions

    Introduction Accessories Precautions Important Safety Information The navigation system is easy to use. The locations of many places of If you have front window tinting The navigation system can distract your business and entertainment are already installed, be aware that if the tint has attention from the road if you focus on entered in the system.

  • Page 7: Map Overview

    Introduction Map Overview The navigation system is designed to WARNING provide route information to help you reach your destination. However, this Current Street Using the navigation system route guidance may sometimes conflict The current street on which your vehicle while driving can take your with current road conditions such as is, appears at the bottom of the map attention away from the road,...

  • Page 8

    Introduction Verified streets (dark colored) Unverified streets (light colored) These roads are found within metropolitan areas, and These roads are found in rural areas, and typically include When include interstate freeways and major roads connecting residential streets away from the center of a town. displayed cities.

  • Page 9: User Agreement

    Navigation System” (the “DVD”), duplicated, or otherwise modified, in the DVD meet the specific objectives which includes HONDA MOTOR CO., whole or in part, without the express of the user. LTD. software, ALPINE written permission of the Licensors.

  • Page 10

    7013, as applicable. Manufacturers are display are for your information and alleging loss, costs, expense, damages the Licensors, including HONDA convenience, and in no way implies or injuries (including injuries resulting MOTOR CO., LTD., 2-1-1 Minami...

  • Page 11: Getting Started

    Getting Started System Controls MAP/GUIDE button Displays the map. When on a route, switches between the map and guidance screens. See page 20 or 54. CANCEL button Cancels the current screen and returns to the previous screen display. Screen NOTE: The NAVI BACK button performs the same basic function.

  • Page 12

    Getting Started Display mode button Interface Dial/ENTER button In almost all cases, you can enter a Switches the display between Day selection into the system by pushing in on the Interface Dial. mode, Night mode, and OFF. See ENTER Knob page 104.

  • Page 13

    Getting Started Screen Lower Display All selections and instructions are Shows a summary of the audio and displayed on the screen. The Display is climate control information, as well as not a “touch screen” - you enter the time. This summary is helpful as a information into the system either by confirmation when adjusting audio or voice or by using the Interface Dial.

  • Page 14: Voice Control Basics

    Getting Started Voice Control Basics NAVI BACK button This button has the same function as the Your vehicle has a voice control system CANCEL button. When you press and that allows hands-free operation of most release it, the display returns to the of the navigation system functions.

  • Page 15: Using The Voice Control System

    Getting Started Using the Voice Control System If the system does not understand a If you hear a prompt such as “Please use command or you wait too long to give a the Interface Dial to...” or “Please You should use the voice control system command, it responds with “Pardon,”...

  • Page 16: Selecting An Item (button) On The Screen

    Getting Started • Press and release the NAVI TALK Selecting an Item (Button) Selecting an Item in a List button, wait for the beep, then give a on the Screen To scroll through a list, do one of the voice command. following: On most screens, there are items that •...

  • Page 17: Entering Information

    Getting Started Entering Information When the system finds only one entry that matches, it completes the name entry for you. If the system finds more than one entry that matches your input, a list of these When the system needs input from you, matches is displayed.

  • Page 18: System Start-up

    Getting Started System Start-up Read this disclaimer carefully so you understand it before continuing. Push in When you turn the ignition to ON (II), it on the Interface Dial to select OK, and takes several seconds for the navigation the map screen will appear on the system to boot up.

  • Page 19: Handsfreelink

    Getting Started If you press the CANCEL button, the HandsFreeLink™ Remote Keyless Entry message will be displayed the next time If you have a Bluetooth compatible cell Setting phone that is “paired and turned on,” you start the vehicle. When you unlock the door and enter the then CALL on the Calculate route to vehicle, the Multi-Information Display NOTE:...

  • Page 20

    Getting Started The navigation system uses the driver When the Remote Keyless Entry is number (as recognized by the MID) to deliberately “unlinked,” (as when giving personalize the navigation system. For the key to a valet) the MID will display example, if Driver 1 unlocks the “Welcome.”...

  • Page 21: Map Screen Legend

    Getting Started Map Screen Legend Map Orientation Landmark Icon (see page 62) “Breadcrumbs” (see page 61) (see Off-road Tracking on page 67) Honda Dealer Acura Dealer “North Up” Hospital School Streets (see Map Overview on page 6) Grocery Store Restaurant “Heading Up”...

  • Page 22: Map Screen Description

    Getting Started Map Screen Description Displaying Current Location NOTE: The elevation will not appear when the You can see the current address, Zoom In/Out system is temporarily lacking proper latitude, longitude and elevation at any GPS information. The system elevation Rotate the Interface Dial knob to time by doing one of the following: may not agree with elevations shown on...

  • Page 23: Traffic Display Legend

    Getting Started Traffic Display Legend Viewing Incident Details: Message Icon To view the incident details, use the Indicates that you have a message. View Interface Dial to position the cursor messages by pushing in on the Interface Dial. (round red circle below) over an See page 75.

  • Page 24: Real Time Traffic Display

    Getting Started Real Time Traffic Display Viewing Flow Data The current metropolitan areas that have traffic coverage can be seen on Traffic flow data is displayed as colored The navigation screen can display up- page 126. For more current metro to-the-minute traffic information when bands on either side of the freeway (see coverage information, visit...

  • Page 25: Viewing Incident Reports

    Getting Started Naturally, only roads with these sensors • The displayed traffic flow may Selecting an Incident Icon from the will show traffic information. The disagree with the information from Map Screen amount of flow data varies considerably other audio or Internet based traffic Zoom in or out so that you are between from one city to another.

  • Page 26

    Getting Started Listing Traffic Incidents by Voice Listing Traffic Incidents from the NOTE: Control “Map Menu” • Incident reports may be displayed on From the map screen (any scale), say Select Traffic Incidents from the Map roads that have no traffic flow data menu.

  • Page 27: System Function Diagram

    Getting Started System Function Diagram This diagram shows the navigation system features, starting at the center and working outward in layers. The navigation program starts at “Key ON,” and then displays the globe screen (blue). If OK is selected on the Disclaimer screen, the functions in the yellow segments of the diagram become available in the Setup and Information...

  • Page 28: Entering A Destination

    Entering a Destination When you press the MENU button, the Places (see page 33) Map Input (see page 45) display changes to: The system has been programmed with This selection allows you to point to a the locations of many businesses, parks, destination on the map using the hospitals, etc.

  • Page 29: By Address

    Entering a Destination By Address Selecting the City NOTE: • If you find that your city is not listed, The city you are in is displayed on the After you select Address from the it may be part of a larger Enter destination by screen, the screen.

  • Page 30

    Entering a Destination To enter the city name by voice spelling, The system has a talkback function. If By Interface Dial: say or select CHANGE TO SPELL your spoken letter is not recognized, the This is helpful if the street runs through MODE on the Say city name screen, system will talk back to you.

  • Page 31: Selecting The Street

    Entering a Destination Selecting the Street If the system does not find an exact Say the street name by saying individual match, select LIST when you finish letters or numbers, or words that By Voice Control: entering the name of the city. Most of represent the letters, one at a time.

  • Page 32

    Entering a Destination The system has a talkback function. If By Interface Dial: The system will display a list of street your spoken letter is not recognized, the names, with the closest match to the After you have selected the city, or if system will talk back to you.

  • Page 33: Entering The Street Number

    Entering a Destination Entering the Street Number By Address Book Tip: If the particular address you want After you have completed the street This selection allows you to choose a cannot be found, select Map Input on name, the display changes to the Enter personal address entry for a destination.

  • Page 34: Adding Addresses To The Personal Address Book

    Entering a Destination By Places Scroll through the list to find your • The second best method is to select desired destination. After you select it, Category, then Restaurant, and After you select Places from the Enter the system then displays the Calculate enter the keyword “Bucks.”...

  • Page 35: Finding The Place By Category

    The subcategories are: Acura Dealers, This category is broken down into types The Category option gives you a list of Honda Dealers, Gas Stations, etc. of food, giving you a selection by each categories or types of businesses to type: All Types, American, French,...

  • Page 36

    Entering a Destination Shopping (Retail) Advanced (Wholesale and Misc. By voice, select the “Z” icon by saying “Zagat list number X” (where x is the The subcategories are: All Shopping, Retail) line number 1-3). Alternately use the Accessories/Jewellery, Auto Parts & If you do not find the category or Interface Dial to first select the line Electronics, Books/Music/Video,...

  • Page 37

    Entering a Destination If you select the Sort by Distance to After selecting a category, the system Place Name by Keyword will give you the options of Place Travel option, the Enter keyword for If you do not know the exact name of Name by Keyword, Sort by place screen appears.

  • Page 38

    Entering a Destination Sort by Distance to Travel City Vicinity Place Name When you select this option, the system The system allows you to find points of When you select this option, the display gives you a list of all the places in the interest in the vicinity of the city you changes to Enter a place name screen.

  • Page 39: Finding The Place By Name

    Entering a Destination Finding the Place by Name Finding the Place by Phone Finding the Place by Zagat 2006 The Name option allows you to enter Number The ZAGAT 2006 option allows you to the name of a business, and then shows find a restaurant by the Zagat Rating The Phone Number option allows you a list of businesses with the same or...

  • Page 40: By Intersection

    Entering a Destination By Intersection When you select a sorting method, the NOTE: list of restaurants will appear. • If you find that your city is not listed, After you select Intersection from the it may be part of a larger Enter destination by screen, the metropolitan area.

  • Page 41: Selecting The City

    Entering a Destination Selecting the City To enter the city name by voice spelling, The system has a talkback function. If say or select CHANGE TO SPELL your spoken letter is not recognized, the This is helpful if the street runs through MODE on the Say city name screen, system will talk back to you.

  • Page 42: Selecting The Street

    Entering a Destination Selecting the Street By Interface Dial: If the system does not find an exact match, select LIST when you finish Select City, and the display then By Voice Control: changes to the Enter city name screen. entering the name of the city. Most of After you have selected the city, or if the cities and towns for that state are Use the Interface Dial to enter the...

  • Page 43

    Entering a Destination The system has a talk back function. If Say the street name by saying individual By Interface Dial: letters or numbers, or words that your spoken letter is not recognized, the After you have selected the city, or if represents the letters, one at a time.

  • Page 44

    Entering a Destination Select View Dest. Map and use the The system will display a list of street If you did not select a city in the names, with the closest match to the beginning, and the intersection appears Interface Dial to select an icon, name you entered at the top of the list.

  • Page 45: By Previous Destinations

    Entering a Destination By Previous Destinations NOTE: Scroll through the list and say the line number (1-6) of the destination, or • If Previous Destinations is Every time you route to a destination, select the desired destination you want. grayed out, there is no Previous that destination is saved by the system.

  • Page 46: By Map Input

    Entering a Destination By Map Input Showing the Map of Current The yellow box indicates the area you will see when you click on the current Position After you select Map Input from the map with the Interface Dial. Enter destination by screen, the The Current Position selection display changes to: assumes that you are looking for a...

  • Page 47: Showing The Map Of City

    Entering a Destination Showing the Map of City Showing the Map of State Move the cross hairs to the desired destination, then push in on the With the City selection, the display With the State selection, the display Interface Dial. The address of the changes to the Enter city name screen.

  • Page 48: Showing The Map Of Continental Usa

    Entering a Destination Showing the Map of Continental By Today’s Destinations The yellow box indicates the area you will see when you click on the current You can create a “trip” by combining map with the Interface Dial. multiple destinations previously With the Continental USA selection, selected on the Calculate route to the display changes to:...

  • Page 49: Editing Today's Destination List

    Entering a Destination Editing Today’s Destination List Adding Destinations to the List The display then changes to show you all the current entries on the Today’s If you change your plans, you can After you have used any of the other Destination list.

  • Page 50: By Go Home

    Entering a Destination By Go Home NOTE: NOTE: When finishing a “Today’s • To edit Home Address, see Home Selecting Go Home from the Enter Destinations” trip, the Today’s Address in System Set-up on page 88. destination by screen takes you home Destination list entries are stored to the •...

  • Page 51: Driving To Your Destination

    Driving to Your Destination Driving to Your Destination Calculate Route to Screen Further selections from the Calculate A route typically has three phases. route to screen include: • Initial route calculation (Calculate ADD TO Address Book route to screen) (see page 50) Allows you to add the destination to Change the route while en route your Address Book.

  • Page 52: Changing The Routing Method

    Driving to Your Destination Changing the Routing Method Viewing the Routes NOTE: • "Easy Route" produces a route with The system lets you select the way you Selecting View Routes allows you to the least turns. want to drive to your destination. Select scroll through and view the various CHANGE METHOD by moving the routes (Direct, Easy, Maximize...

  • Page 53

    Driving to Your Destination Say or select SUMMARY to display the NOTE: After calculating the route with the new distance and time to go for each route. method, the system displays a map of • It may take several minutes (the Based on the summary data, you can your current location.

  • Page 54: Viewing The Destination Map

    Driving to Your Destination Viewing the Destination Map Map Screen Selecting View Dest. Map displays a When you select OK on the Calculate map of the destination vicinity. Press the route to screen, the map screen CANCEL or NAVI BACK button to appears, showing your highlighted route return.

  • Page 55: Map Screen Legend

    Driving to Your Destination Map Screen Legend Map Orientation Direction of Destination Landmark Icon (see page 62) (see page 61) (when on route) (see page 56) Honda Dealer Acura Dealer Distance to Destination Streets (see page 56) Hospital School (see Map Overview on page 83, or...

  • Page 56: Guidance Screen

    Driving to Your Destination Guidance Screen Guidance Screen Legend The guidance screen offers an alternative way to view your route information. Many of the icons and Milestone to Destination (see page 55) screen features are similar to those on Direction of Destination, “as the crow flies” (see page 56) the map screen.

  • Page 57: Distance And Time To Destination

    Driving to Your Destination Distance and Time to Map Menu North-up/Heading-up - Select Heading-up or North-up button to Destination When the map screen is displayed, change map orientation. See Map pressing in on the Interface Dial When you select a destination, the Orientation on page 61 for details.

  • Page 58: Voice Guidance Prompts

    Driving to Your Destination Voice Guidance Prompts Direction List NOTE: • You can say “Voice” at any time, or As you get near the maneuver, you will If you select Directions from the Map select Voice after pushing on the hear a voice reminder, and see a pop-up menu, the display changes to: Interface Dial to be reminded of the...

  • Page 59: Exit Info

    Driving to Your Destination EXIT INFO (Freeway Exit Split Screen Guidance You can see the direction list and the distance to each maneuver. Press the Information) When on route to a destination, you MAP/GUIDE button to return to the have two display options: single screen You can search freeway exit previous screen.

  • Page 60

    Driving to Your Destination When you get near the maneuver, the map screen changes to: On the map screen, the location of the maneuver is marked with a small yellow square. The guidance window is simply an enlargement of the area indicated by the yellow square.

  • Page 61: Map Scale

    Driving to Your Destination Map Scale Rotate the Interface Dial knob or a voice command such as “Display 1/2 mile scale” (see page 141) to change the scale of the map. Zooming in increases the detail, while zooming out gives you a view of a wider area. After changing the scale, give the system a few moments to update the display.

  • Page 62: Map Orientation

    Driving to Your Destination Map Orientation Push in on the Interface Dial on the The display automatically changes to map or guidance screen and select the map screen when you reach your The map can be orientated two ways: North-up or Heading-up to switch destination.

  • Page 63: Destination Icon

    1425 before the 1500 block starts). Landmark icon the table on the following page for Therefore, the address 1425 will be exceptions. shown a quarter of the way down the Honda Dealer Acura Dealer block by the system instead of near the NOTE: Hospital School end of the block where the destination is •...

  • Page 64

    POI type manually manually selection by map screen with the voice command displayed hidden voice Interface Dial “Find...” Honda/Acura dealer Yes, always Hospital School Gas station *1 Restaurants *2 Post office Grocery store Hotel/ Lodging Police station No icon No icon...

  • Page 65

    Driving to Your Destination Incident icon Icon can be selected as POI can be found on Icon can be Icon can be Icon a destination on the the map screen using POI type manually manually selection by map screen with the voice command displayed hidden...

  • Page 66: Showing Icons On The Map

    Driving to Your Destination Showing Icons on the Map Icon Options CURRENT LOCATION (Interface Dial Left) Selecting Show Icon on Map from Selecting ICON OPTIONS from the This allows you to display and/or save the Map menu (see page 56) displays Icon bar displays the following screen: your current location.

  • Page 67

    Driving to Your Destination In the example above, only Traffic For instance, let’s assume that your real- NOTE: time traffic is not displayed on the map, Icons is selected and will show up on • When viewing the map screen, you the map.

  • Page 68: Going Off The Route

    Driving to Your Destination Going Off the Route Off-road Tracking By following the dots, you can backtrack to the mapped road you If you leave the calculated route, If you drive more than half a mile from originally left. “Breadcrumbs” may “Recalculating...”...

  • Page 69: Viewing/saving The Current Location

    Driving to Your Destination Viewing/Saving the Current NOTE: To save the location, say “Save current location,” or select Save on the The elevation will not appear when the Location Current location screen. The Edit system is temporarily lacking proper Whenever you are on a map screen, you address book screen with the current GPS information.

  • Page 70: Pop-ups And Disclaimers

    Driving to Your Destination Pop-ups and Disclaimers • Your route passes near or bypasses • You are about to enter an unverified unverified areas (see Unverified Area area (see Unverified Area Routing on When you say “OK” in the Calculate Routing on page 92).

  • Page 71: Changing The Route

    Driving to Your Destination Changing the Route Change Routing Method • Saying, “Go home” (page 73). From the Change route by screen, if While on route, you may wish to alter • Using the Interface Dial to select a you say or select Change Routing your route, add an interim “Waypoint”...

  • Page 72: Avoid Streets

    Driving to Your Destination Avoid Streets Search Waypoint on Route When you enter waypoints, they appear on the map screen as small red flags From the Change route by screen, if Waypoints allow you to add an interim numbered 1-5. you say or select Avoid Streets, the “pit stop”...

  • Page 73: Back To Current Route

    Driving to Your Destination Adding Waypoints Next, select your “Waypoint Category,” Deleting Waypoints then follow the menu prompts to select a From the Change route by screen, if From the Change route by screen, if you say or select Search Waypoint destination.

  • Page 74: Changing Your Destination

    Driving to Your Destination Changing Your Destination Using Interface Dial to Change When you push in on the Interface Dial on a new destination, you will see a Destination There are other methods by which you pop-up menu as well as the address can change or add a waypoint to your While following a calculated route, you display.

  • Page 75: Entering A Destination From The Menu Screen (while On Route)

    Driving to Your Destination Entering a Destination from the Continue Trip Screen • For additional information on changing the routing method, see Menu Screen (while on route) If you restart the vehicle, without having Changing the Routing Method on completed your prior trip, you will see If you say “Menu”...

  • Page 76: Acuralink Messages

    Driving to Your Destination AcuraLink Messages When service information is received from your vehicle or AcuraLink, an AcuraLink enhances your ownership envelope icon is displayed in the upper experience by providing a direct right corner of the Navigation screen. communication link between you and Acura.

  • Page 77: Information Features

    Information Features Information Screen Voice Command Help There is a tutorial available for the voice command help. Say or select Getting When you say “Information” or press When you say or select Voice started, and the display changes to: the INFO button, the display changes to: Command Help, you will see the following screen: Select the line number of the desired...

  • Page 78: Cellular Phonebook

    Information Features Cellular Phonebook Map Legend When you make a selection, you will see the help commands that can be used The Cellular Phonebook option You can use the Map legend screens to with the voice control. You can say allows you to store up to 1,000 names learn the meaning of map features, “Read List”...

  • Page 79: Calendar

    Information Features Calendar Entering Your Schedule You can scroll through the calendar day by day by rotating the Interface Dial Set your schedule by selecting the day The Calendar option allows you to knob, or select the day by voice. When enter events and be reminded of them in on the calendar, and the display changes you move the Interface Dial up or...

  • Page 80: Key To Zagat Ratings

    Information Features Key to Zagat Ratings Edit Title Delete Say or select Edit Title, then enter the From the Calendar screen, select the When you display data for a Zagat name of your title using the Interface date of the schedule you wish to surveyed restaurant on the Select a Dial.

  • Page 81: Calculator

    Information Features Calculator • The symbols, if displayed (blue circle), indicates the following When you say or select Calculator, the information: display changes to: open on Sunday closed on Sunday open on Monday closed on Monday open for lunch lunch not served serving after 11 PM no credit card accepted Use the Interface Dial to scroll...

  • Page 82: Unit Conversion

    Information Features Unit Conversion Roadside Assistance 4. Select the base unit (like pounds) that you wish to convert to some other To perform a conversion: When you say or select Roadside unit. So, in the example below, 100 Assistance, you will see the following 1.

  • Page 83: System Set-up

    System Set-up Setup Mode Setup Screen (first) NOTE: • If some items appear to be grayed The Setup function consists of two main From any screen, say “Setup screen” or out, and cannot be selected, it is screens, that allows you to change and press the SETUP button, and the because you did not select OK on the update information in the system.

  • Page 84: Contrast

    System Set-up Contrast Volume Setting Degree of assistance The screen contrast has 11 settings. To The navigation voice volume can be When selection is made, adjust the contrast, use the voice control adjusted by: the system always reads system and say “Contrast up” or •...

  • Page 85: Setup Screen (second)

    System Set-up Setup Screen (second) Personal Information Setting Distance before maneuver Say or select MORE to view additional From the Setup screen (second), say or About About Just Setup functions and the following select Personal Information and the before screen appears: following screen appears: mile mile...

  • Page 86: Address Book

    System Set-up Address Book Accessing the Address Book List Entering an Address Book After selecting Address Book, if an After you select Address Book, your The Address Book function allows for PIN has been set, the system prompts Address Book list appears: up to a total of 200 address entries.

  • Page 87

    System Set-up Edit Name Edit Address Places - Allows you to select one of the Point of Interest (POI) locations already You may use the “Name” field to give When you say or select Edit Address, stored in the system as one of your the entry a name or title that you will the display changes to: personal addresses.

  • Page 88

    System Set-up Edit Phone Number Edit Category NOTE: You may have up to 100 categories. You can enter the telephone number of If desired, you can specify the category These are shared between Driver 1 and the address. If the address was chosen of the address.

  • Page 89: Edit/delete An Address

    System Set-up Edit/Delete an Address Home Address PIN Number This feature allows you to select an This feature lets you return “Home” You can set a four-digit PIN (Personal address to edit or delete. Once the from any location simply by saying “Go Identification Number) for accessing the address is selected, choose the home”...

  • Page 90: Previous Destinations

    System Set-up 1. Select PIN Number. The display Previous Destinations 4. If you have entered the same number changes to: both times, the display returns to the Allows you to delete some or all of your Edit personal information screen. If previous destinations.

  • Page 91: Basic Settings

    System Set-up Basic Settings Units (mile or km) 2. Scroll through the list and find the address you want to delete. Allows you to select the units for the From the Setup screen (second), say or entire system (mile or km). select Basic Settings and the 3.

  • Page 92: Routing & Guidance

    System Set-up Routing & Guidance Rerouting If Rerouting is set to AUTOMATIC From the Setup screen (second), say or select Routing & Guidance and the and you deviate from the route, you will see “Recalculating...” at the top of the following screen appears: screen for several seconds as the system calculates a new route.

  • Page 93: Unverified Area Routing

    System Set-up Unverified Area Routing Allows you to receive turn-by-turn map and voice guidance in unverified areas when on route to a destination (see Map Overview on page 6). The chart below illustrates the routing differences with this setting ON or OFF. Unverified Area Routing: OFF (factory default) Unverified Area Routing: ON The driver wishes to navigate manually by using the...

  • Page 94

    System Set-up Unverified Area Routing “ON” Unverified Area Routing Because both routes bypass or use unverified streets, an initial Disclaimer When driving to your destination, you have the choice of using or not using screen is provided. It is recommended that you stop and review the map.

  • Page 95

    System Set-up With Unverified Area Routing OFF, Unverified Area Routing “OFF” Unverified Area Routing “ON” the driver chose to take a shortcut, and avoid the long route. The moment you enter an unverified street, a caution box appears on the screen, and is read by the voice.

  • Page 96

    System Set-up With Unverified Area Routing OFF, Unverified Area Routing “OFF” Unverified Area Routing “ON” you are presented with a blue “vector line” that always points to the destination. You must manually choose streets from the map that will lead to your destination.

  • Page 97: Edit Avoid Area

    System Set-up Edit Avoid Area You can select NEW AREA, or select Say or select Edit Area, to create the one of your existing areas to modify. If area to be avoided. The following screen This function allows you to select areas you choose NEW AREA, the following appears.

  • Page 98

    System Set-up After selecting the choice, a map screen Say or select DONE to return to the will be displayed. Edit avoid area screen. If your selected area contains a freeway, the system will prompt you with a pop- up box saying, “Do you want to avoid freeways?”...

  • Page 99: Edit Waypoint Search Area

    System Set-up Edit Waypoint Search Area NOTE: • You can select areas to avoid, however you cannot select roads or When driving on route to your areas that you want the system to use destination, you can select a temporary for routing.

  • Page 100: Guidance Mode

    System Set-up Guidance Mode Clock Adjustment For “Places along the route,” the system looks in front of you within a corridor Allows you to select the guidance From the Setup screen (second), say or width specified by your values for “On display mode: Single Screen or Split select Clock Adjustment and the Freeways”...

  • Page 101: Auto Daylight

    System Set-up The dates that the navi switches Auto Daylight DST selection (Change DST between standard and daylight savings schedule) Sets automatic daylight saving time On time are stored in the navi software, or Off. If set to On the navi clock will This option lets you select the schedule and is not triggered by GPS satellite automatically "spring ahead"...

  • Page 102: Time Adjustment

    System Set-up Time Adjustment Vehicle After you have traveled approximately 1/2 mile away from a mapped road, the Adjusts the current time in hours and From the Setup screen (second), say or system will display a series of white minutes. Switch HOUR and MINUTE select Vehicle and the following screen dots on the map screen to show the path by moving the Interface Dial left or...

  • Page 103: Correct Vehicle Position

    System Set-up Correct Vehicle Position 2. Select Correct Vehicle Position, 4. Rotate the Interface Dial knob so and the system will display a map the vehicle position arrowhead is The system relies on satellites for adjustment screen. pointing in the correct direction, and positioning information.

  • Page 104: Color

    System Set-up Color Map Color Menu Color Allows you to choose the map color Allows you to choose the menu color From the Setup screen (second), say or from one of four colors for the Day and from one of five colors for the Day and select Color and the following screen Night mode.

  • Page 105: Switching Display Mode

    System Set-up Switching Display Mode Display mode button Pressing the allows you to toggle through the screen display modes: Day, Night or Off. This button is the overriding control for the day/night display mode, and is the simplest way to control the display mode.

  • Page 106

    System Set-up llumination control Priority Operation Override conditions Display mode button Allows selection of Day, Night or Off display When the car is restarted, the display mode see page 11 mode. This button has the highest priority and previously selected by this button is canceled, overrides all other display control adjustments and the display mode is determined by one of listed below.

  • Page 107

    System Set-up • To allow the Sunlight sensor to function properly, avoid blocking the sensor with loose articles (see Owner’s manual for location of sensor). • Remember that once the Display mode button is selected, the other display mode controls are overridden until the vehicle is restarted.

  • Page 108: Acuralink/messages

    System Set-up AcuraLink/Messages System Information Rear View Camera For complete details on setting up your From the Setup screen (second), say or Your vehicle is equipped with a rear AcuraLink messaging, refer to the select System Information and the view camera as shown in the AcuraLink section in your Owner’s following screen appears: illustration.

  • Page 109: Rear View Camera Brightness Adjustment

    System Set-up Rear View Camera Brightness Adjustment When in reverse, the Navi “hard” buttons are locked out, except the rotating portion of the Interface Dial (knob). Rotate the knob clockwise to make the camera image brighter, and counterclockwise to darken the image. This brightness adjustment is independent of the screen brightness adjustment in Setup.

  • Page 110: System Initialization

    System Initialization System Initialization Entering the Security Code Enter the four-digit security code. If you have entered it correctly, the display If for any reason, you lose power to the If the battery goes dead or is changes to the Disclaimer screen. If navigation system (like the battery was disconnected for any reason, you will you make a mistake, the system will...

  • Page 111: Gps Initialization

    System Initialization GPS Initialization If the navigation system finds the NOTE: satellites properly, this box clears, and • The average acquiring time is less Depending on the length of time the changes to the Disclaimer screen. If than 10 minutes, but it can take as battery was disconnected, your system within ten minutes the system fails to long as 45 minutes.

  • Page 112: System Limitations

    System Limitations Although your navigation system is one Also, depending on your current view of • Other after-market audio electronic of the most highly sophisticated pieces the sky and the position of the satellites, devices mounted near the navigation of equipment you will find in a modern the elevation may be shown incorrectly.

  • Page 113

    System Limitations The destination icon shows the approximate location of the destination. This occurs because a city block can have as many as 100 possible addresses (for example, the 1400 block is followed by the 1500 block.) Since most cities use only a portion of the 100 possible addresses (for example, in the 1400 block, the addresses may only go up to...

  • Page 114: Database Limitations

    Database Limitations You will find that some points of The digitized map database reflects • Bridge height, width, weight, or other interest (POI) may be missing when you conditions as they existed at various limits search the database. This can be caused points in time before production.

  • Page 115: Client Assistance

    “verified” roads shown in black Asked Questions on page 128, System Acura Navi on the map, then report it either Limitations on page 111, or America Honda Motor Co., Inc. online at Troubleshooting on page 136. Acura Client Services, or to Acura Client Services.

  • Page 116: Visiting Your Dealer

    Client Assistance Call Acura Client Relations (see Visiting Your Dealer • If you need to visit your Acura dealer “Acura Automobile Client Service") for a navigation related issue, ensure We strive to make this manual as that you have the “Key Fob” that was in complete as possible and to answer all •...

  • Page 117: Obtaining A Navigation Update Dvd

    Client Assistance Obtaining a Navigation Changing the DVD 4. Push the Eject button. The DVD will automatically come out. Update DVD NOTE: Acura is continually expanding the The system’s database is stored on a scope of the navigation system. removable DVD. The system will not Upgraded software may be made work without the DVD.

  • Page 118: Pc Card

    Client Assistance NOTE: • The system will not play movies or other video/audio discs. • Never “sneak preview” a newer white labeled DVD in the system unless you plan to keep it. The system cannot automatically “revert back” to a prior version DVD. If you must revert to a previous version DVD after loading a newer version, see your dealer for assistance.

  • Page 119: Coverage Areas

    Coverage Areas Map Coverage U.S. Detailed Coverage Areas Colorado Denver/Boulder/Colorado Springs/ The system provides map coverage for Alabama Ski Resorts Metro area - including the following 48 US states, and southern Birmingham/Tuscaloosa Ft. Collins Canada. The US map coverage consists Huntsville of accurately mapped (verified) Connecticut...

  • Page 120

    Coverage Areas Pensacola Indiana Maryland Tallahassee Fort Wayne Baltimore/Washington D.C. Metro Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg Metro Gary/Hammond Metro - including Charles and Carroll - including Pasco and Manatee Indianapolis Metro Counties Counties Kokomo Metro Ocean City Vero Beach Northwest Indiana Massachusetts South Bend/Elkhart/Goshen Georgia Boston/Cape Cod Metro...

  • Page 121

    Coverage Areas Minnesota New Jersey North Carolina Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Southern New Jersey - including Asheville - including cities in Anoka Scott and Atlantic City/Cape May/Cumberland Charlotte Metro Carver Counties Metro Hickory Moorhead Camden Metro Morgantown Rochester Newark Metro Raleigh-Durham Metro Trenton Metro - including Ocean and Wilmington Mississippi...

  • Page 122

    Coverage Areas Pennsylvania Tennessee Virginia Allentown Chattanooga Washington D.C. detailed area Erie Johnson City/Kingsport/Bristol - including Alexandria, Arlington, Gettysburg Knoxville/Farragut Metro Fairfax, Falls Church, Fauquier Harrisburg Memphis Metro - including Desoto County, Fredericksburg City, Lancaster and Tunica Counties Manassas, and additional cities in Philadelphia Metro Nashville Loudoun and Prince William...

  • Page 123: Canada Detailed Coverage Areas

    Coverage Areas Canada Detailed Coverage West Virginia BRITISH COLUMBIA Charleston Areas Greater Vancouver Harper’s Ferry Metro Anmore NOTE: Wisconsin Belcarra The blue colored city names are not Bowen Island Appleton included in the USA South DVD. To Burnaby Beloit obtain coverage for cities listed in blue, Coquitlam Green Bay you may purchase the gray Canada...

  • Page 124

    Coverage Areas Fraser Valley NOVA SCOTIA Niagara Fort Erie Halifax (partial) Abbottsford Grimsby Chilliwack ONTARIO Lincoln Mission Barrie Niagara-on-the-Lake Kingston Victoria Niagara Falls Ottawa-Gatineau Pelham Capital Stratford Port Colborne Central Saanich St Catharines Dufferin Colwood Thorold Orangeville Esquimalt Wainfleet Highlands Durham Welland Langford...

  • Page 125

    Coverage Areas Wellington Frontenac QUÉBEC Gray Guelph Municipalites Regionales de Comte Haldimand-Norfolk Puslinch Beauharnois-Salaberry Haliburton York Brome-Missisquoi Hastings Coaticook Aurora Huron La Haute-Yamaska East Gwillimbury Kawartha Lakes La Vallee-du-Richelieu Georgina Lambton Le Haut-Richelieu King Lanark Le Haut-St-Laurent Markham Leeds and Granville Les Jardins-de-Napierville Newmarket Lennox and Addington...

  • Page 126

    Coverage Areas L’assomption Montreal CANADA CONNECTOR ROADS The Cross-Canada Connector Road Charlemagne Montreal allows for travel between the Le Gardeur Rousillon provinces of British Columbia and Repentigny Candiac Quebec in DCA 11. Major Chateauguay La Vallee-du-Richelieu metropolitan city Points of interest Delson Beloeil are also included.

  • Page 127

    Coverage Areas Roads in the province of Alberta Roads in the province of Manitoba Cities with available real-time in- Hwy-1/Trans Canada Hwy across car traffic information Hwy-1/Trans Canada Hwy across whole province The following cities currently have whole province Hwy-100/Trans Canada Hwy in available real-time traffic information.

  • Page 128

    Coverage Areas If you desire additional map coverage Newfork - Virginia Beach - Newport information, contact Acura Client News, VA Services or go to and Orlando, FL select in order: "Acura Store", Philadelphia, PA "Navigation DVD Updates", "Shop Phoenix, AZ Navigation DVDs", and "View Current Pittsburgh, PA Coverage Map".

  • Page 129: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions Map, and Features, Voice Operation, Entering Addresses Problem Solution Why does the Disclaimer screen need to be displayed every The Disclaimer screen reminds you and your guest drivers to always time I start the car? I am the only driver. operate the navigation system in a safe manner.

  • Page 130

    Frequently Asked Questions Problem Solution The daytime map screen is dark like the night display mode, Verify the following: The display mode in Setup is set to Day mode, and Map Color in Setup is set to White for Day. See Switching Display Mode and it is hard to see.

  • Page 131

    Frequently Asked Questions Traffic Problem Solution My Real-Time Traffic is missing and is not displaying Verify the following: properly. What is wrong? • Check the traffic icon on the icon bar, and the icon options for traffic. page 65 walks you through the verification steps. •...

  • Page 132

    Frequently Asked Questions Guidance, Routing Problem Solution The navi does not route me the same way I would go, or the The navigation system attempts to generate the optimum route. See way some other mapping program displays. Why is this? Changing the Routing Method on page 51.

  • Page 133

    Frequently Asked Questions Problem Solution While I drive, my screen shows white dots (“breadcrumbs”) These are called “breadcrumbs.” If you drive more than 1/2 mile from on it. What do they mean? mapped roads, the off-road tracking feature begins to function. See Off-road Tracking on page 67 and 101.

  • Page 134

    Frequently Asked Questions Ordering a Navi DVD, Coverage, Map Errors, Limitations Problem Solution I want to buy a new DVD. How do I purchase one? You cannot obtain a new DVD from the dealer. See Obtaining a Navigation Update DVD on page 116. I want to order a DVD.

  • Page 135

    Frequently Asked Questions Display, Accessories Problem Solution The display appears dim when starting the car in real cold No, this is normal, and will become brighter after a few minutes. weather. Is there a problem? Rear Camera Problem Solution When I shift gears, the rear camera image is delayed. When shifting into or out of reverse, you may experience delays when the screen image switches between the navi screen and the rear camera image.

  • Page 136

    Frequently Asked Questions Problem Solution Go to the Clock Adjustment screen in Setup and simply turn off the auto Daylight savings time occurred, but the navigation system did not change time even though Setup shows “Auto Daylight” is daylight savings time feature, select Time Adjustment, and adjust your using the Interface Dial by “ON.”...

  • Page 137: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Screen Error Message Solution Navigation system is unable to acquire a proper GPS Make sure there is nothing on the dash blocking the GPS antenna (after-market signal. metallic window tinting or after-market devices placed on the dash, like radar detectors, cell phones, or loose items).

  • Page 138: Glossary

    Glossary Glossary Digitized Road - A road that appears on FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions. See page 128 for a list of the client the navigation screen. The road name The following is a glossary of terms FAQs, and troubleshooting will appear at the bottom of the pertaining to the voice recognition navigation screen.

  • Page 139

    Glossary Initialization - This refers to the period MW - Maneuver Window. While on- POI - Point Of Interest. These are the needed to reacquire the GPS satellite route to a destination, this window businesses, schools etc. found under the Places option on the Enter orbital information whenever the displays information about the next navigation system power has been...

  • Page 140

    Glossary Unverified Streets - These streets have VR - Voice Recognition. This allows not been verified for turn restrictions, voice control of many of the one-way, etc. They are shown in light navigation functions. The hardware brown on the map. Unverified streets consists of the microphone, voice control switch (NAVI TALK/NAVI may be missing from the map, shown...

  • Page 141: Voice Command Index

    Voice Command Index Global Commands Navigation General The “Voice Command Help” option on the Information screen lists many of the The system accepts these commands on Commands following controls. To avoid distraction any screen. The system accepts these commands on while you are driving, the system can Help (reads list of the commands for a map/guidance screen.

  • Page 142: Navigation Display Commands

    Voice Command Index Navigation Display Voice command help Display: (display the selected icon on the screen) How long to the destination? (when Commands on route, tells the time to The system accepts these commands on destination)* gas station a map/guidance screen. How far to the destination? (when on restaurant Display current location...

  • Page 143: Find Place Commands

    Find nearest: (find the nearest civic center selection) restaurant convention center ACURA dealers post office library HONDA dealers grocery store school gas station lodging (hotel, motel) city hall hydrogen station parking garage court house parking lot higher education...

  • Page 144: Climate Control Commands

    Voice Command Index Climate Control Commands office supply store Chinese restaurant pharmacy continental restaurant The system accepts these commands on most screens. pet food store fast food Climate control full automatic sewing store French restaurant (controls temperature to 72 shoe store German restaurant degrees F) sporting goods store...

  • Page 145: Temperature Voice Commands

    Voice Command Index Temperature Voice Fan speed # (#:1-7) (for best voice * Repeating these commands switches control, keep fan speed at 1 or 2) (toggles) the function between On Commands and Off. Front climate control automatic The system accepts these commands on Front climate control off most screens.

  • Page 146: Radio Voice Commands

    Voice Command Index Radio Voice Commands CD Voice Commands Radio select XM1 Radio select XM2 The system accepts these commands on The system accepts these commands on most screens. most screens. XM channel # (#: 1-255) Audio on CD play XM channel up Audio off CD play disc # (#: 1-6)

  • Page 147: Dvd Voice Commands (for 6 Disc Changer)

    Voice Command Index DVD Voice Commands (for 6 MP3/WMA Voice Commands * Repeating these commands switches (toggles) the function between On Disc Changer) (for 6 Disc Changer) and Off. The system accepts these commands on The system accepts these commands on most screens.

  • Page 148: Single Cd Voice Commands (for Dvd Player)

    Voice Command Index Single CD Voice Commands WMA play * Repeating these commands switches (toggles) the function between On WMA play disc # (#: 1-6) (for DVD Player) and Off. WMA play track # (#: 1-30) The system accepts these commands on WMA play disc #1 track #2 most screens.

  • Page 149: Single Dvd Voice Commands (for Dvd Player)

    Voice Command Index Single DVD Voice Single CD track repeat* Single DVD track repeat* Single CD track scan* Single DVD track scan* Commands (for DVD Player) Single CD normal play Single DVD normal play The system accepts these commands on Single CD folder random* most screens.

  • Page 150: Single Mp3/wma Voice Commands (for Dvd Player)

    Voice Command Index Single MP3/WMA Voice Single MP3 track repeat* Single WMA normal play Single MP3 track scan* Single WMA folder random* Commands (for DVD Player) Single MP3 normal play Single WMA folder repeat* The system accepts these commands on most screens.

  • Page 151: Rear Radio Voice Commands

    Voice Command Index Rear Radio Voice Rear CD Voice Commands Rear radio FM2 preset # (#: 1-6) Rear radio AM preset # (#: 1-6) Commands (for 6 Disc Changer) Rear radio auto select* The system accepts these commands on The system accepts these commands on most screens.

  • Page 152: Rear Dvd Voice Commands (for 6 Disc Changer)

    Voice Command Index Rear DVD Voice Commands Rear MP3/WMA Voice * Repeating these commands switches (toggles) the function between On (for 6 Disc Changer) Commands (for 6 Disc and Off. The system accepts these commands on Changer) most screens. The system accepts these commands on most screens.

  • Page 153: (for 6 Disc Changer)

    Voice Command Index Rear Single CD Voice Rear MP3 folder scan* Rear single CD track repeat* Rear WMA play Rear single CD track scan* Commands (for DVD Player) Rear WMA play disc # (#:1-6) Rear single CD normal play The system accepts these commands on Rear WMA play track # (#:1-30) most screens.

  • Page 154: Rear Single Dvd Voice Commands (for Dvd Player)

    Voice Command Index Rear Single DVD Voice Rear Single MP3/WMA Voice Rear single DVD track random* Rear single DVD track repeat* Commands (for DVD Player) Commands (for DVD Player) Rear single DVD track scan* The system accepts these commands on The system accepts these commands on most screens.

  • Page 155

    Voice Command Index Information Screen Voice Rear single MP3 track random* Rear single WMA track repeat* Rear single MP3 track repeat* Rear single WMA track scan* Commands Rear single MP3 track scan* Rear single WMA normal play These are additional commands not found on the Voice Command Help Rear single MP3 normal play Rear single WMA folder random*...

  • Page 156: Information Screen Voice Commands

    Voice Command Index Setup Screen (first) On-Screen Commands Interface dial feedback auto Interface dial feedback on Commands The system accepts these commands on any screen. There are over 100 on- Guidance prompts minimum/min. The system accepts these commands on screen commands. Just say what is Setup screen (first).

  • Page 157: On-screen Spelling Assist

    Voice Command Index On-Screen Spelling Assist NOTE: • The system will only respond to the When speaking the letters or using names shown in the following tables. “spell mode,” you can substitute the • To select the letter “A,” you can also; name that represents each letter or select the “A”...

  • Page 158

    Voice Command Index Letters Assist Definitions: Or say “...” Or say “...” Or say “...” Or say “...” Alpha/Apple Hotel/Henry Oscar Victor Bravo/Boy India/Igloo Papa/Paul Whiskey/William Charlie Juliet/John Quebec/Queen X-Ray Delta/Dog Kilo/King Romeo/Robert Yankee/Yellow Echo/Edward Lima/Larry Sierra/Sam Zulu/Zebra Foxtrot/Frank Mike/Mary Tango/Tom Enter Golf/George...

  • Page 159

    Voice Command Index Symbol Assist Definitions: Symbols Say “...” or “Symbol ...” Symbols Say “...” or “Symbol ...” Symbols Say “...” or “Symbol ...” À A grave î I circumflex Underscore  A circumflex ï I umlaut Back quote Ä A umlaut Ô...

  • Page 160

    Voice Command Index Numbers and Additional Symbol Assist Definitions: Numbers Say “...” or “Number ...” Symbols Say “...” or “Symbol ...” Symbols Say “...” or “Symbol ...” Hyphen Tilde Exclamation point Slash Three Double quote Less than ” < Four Pound Greater than >...

  • Page 161: Index

    Index ....44 ....... 81 By Previous Destinations Convert (Unit) ....47 ....102 By Today’s Destinations Correct Vehicle Position ......118 ..85 Coverage Areas Accessing the Address Book List ...... 21, 68 ..75, 76, 107 Current Location AcuraLink/Messages ....... 45, 86 Current Position ADD TO Today’s ........

  • Page 162

    Index ..48 Editing Today’s Destination List ........34 Emergency .....27 ......18 ........103 Entering a Destination HandsFreeLink™ Map Color ....85 ....... 88 ......118 Entering Address Book Home Address Map Coverage ......78 ....34 ........ 27, 45 Entering Schedule Hotel/Motel (Lodging) Map Input ....109 .......

  • Page 163

    Index Rear Single MP3/WMA Voice Single MP3/WMA Voice ........ 153 ........ 149 Commands Commands ....12, 107 ....37 ....67, 101 Rear View Camera Sort by Distance to Travel Off-road Tracking ......67, 91 ....58 ....155 Recalculation Split Screen Guidance On-Screen Commands ......

  • Page 164

    Index ......81 ....... 34, 38 Unit Conversion Zagat 2006 ......90 Units (mile or km) ....92 Unverified Area Routing ......7 Unverified streets .........116 Update DVD ..14 Using the Voice Control System .........101 Vehicle ........7 Verified streets ........51 View Routes .....115 Visiting Your Dealer ..........90 Voice .....76...

  • Page 165

    License notice GRANT OF SOFTWARE LICENSE. NOT ORIGINATE FROM, AND ARE This EULA grants you the following NOT BINDING ON, MS. license; You have acquired a device (“DEVICE”) No Liability for Certain Damages. EXCEPT that includes software licensed by ALPINE You may use the SOFTWARE only on the AS PROHIBITED BY LAW, MS SHALL ELECTRONICS, INC., from an affiliate of...

  • Page 166

    the SOFTWARE after the date you obtain RECOVERY MEDIA. If SOFTWARE is your initial copy of the SOFTWARE provided by ALPINE (“Supplemental Components”). ELECTRONICS,INC., on separate media and labeled “Recovery Media” you may use the Recovery Media solely to restore or •...

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