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• If your server has one microprocessor installed, the Ethernet card can be installed into the PCI-E slot 2 or
PCI-E slot 5. If your server has two microprocessors installed, the Ethernet card can be installed into the
PCI-E slot 2, PCI-E slot 3, PCI-E slot 4, PCI-E slot 5, or PCI-E slot 6.
To install the Ethernet card, do the following:
1. Remove all media from the drives and turn off all attached devices and the server. Then, disconnect all
power cords from electrical outlets and disconnect all cables that are connected to the server.
2. Remove the server cover. See "Removing the server cover" on page 85.
3. Lay the server on its side for easier operation.
4. If a PCI card bracket assembly is installed in your server, remove the PCI card bracket assembly. See
"Removing and reinstalling the PCI card bracket assembly" on page 89.
5. Locate a PCI Express card slot on the system board for installing the Ethernet card. See "System board
components" on page 48 to identify the different types of PCI Express card slots in your server.
6. Remove any parts or disconnect any cables that might impede your operation.
7. Remove the PCI Express card slot bracket by removing the screw that secures the metal bracket and
then lifting the bracket out of the chassis. Store the PCI Express card slot bracket in the event that you
later remove the Ethernet card and need the bracket to cover the place.
Note: Carefully place the removed screw aside. You will need the screw later to secure the Ethernet
card in place.
Figure 49. Removing a PCI Express card slot bracket
8. Touch the static-protective package that contains the Ethernet card to any unpainted surface on the
outside of the server. Then, take the Ethernet card out of the package.
Note: Carefully handle the Ethernet card by its edges.
Chapter 6
Installing, removing, or replacing hardware


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