HP PAVILION G6 Maintenance And Service Manual: Changing The Computer Boot Order; Backing Up And Recovering Your Information

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Changing the computer boot order

To change the boot order for recovery discs:
Restart the computer.
Select Internal CD/DVD ROM Drive from the boot options window.
To change the boot order for recovery flash drive:
Insert the flash drive into a USB port.
Restart the computer.
Select the flash drive from the boot options window.
Backing up and recovering your information
It is very important to back up your files and keep any new software in a safe place. As you add new
software and data files, continue to create backups on a regular basis.
How completely you are able to recover your system depends on how recent your backup is.
A recovery from your most recent backup needs to be performed if the computer has a virus
attack or if any major system components fail. In order to correct computer issues, a recovery should
first be attempted before a system restore is attempted.
You can back up your information to an optional external hard drive, a network drive, or discs. Back
up your system at the following times:
At regularly scheduled times
Set reminders to back up your information periodically.
Before the computer is repaired or restored
Before you add or modify hardware or software
Create system restore points using the Windows® System Restore feature, and periodically
copy them to an optical disc or an external hard drive. For more information on using system
restore points, refer to
Store personal files in the Documents library and back up this folder periodically.
Save customized settings in a window, toolbar, or menu bar by taking a screen shot of your
settings. The screen shot can be a time-saver if you have to re-enter your preferences.
while the computer is restarting, and then press
while the computer is restarting, and then press
Using Windows system restore points on page
for boot options.
for boot options.
Backing up and recovering your information

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  • ole Jun 18, 2014 10:46:
    why can I not open my lap top ???
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    how to remove a lost password and how to get into safe mode and how to use the fi through f12 keys with the fn Key , windows key, the alt key, and the shift key
  • Bharat Rastogi Aug 23, 2013 01:49:
    I want use of function keys F1 to F12, and how to handle when some key is not funcioning​. My pavilion Note book is g6 1d11dx with windows 7 home premium OA 64 bit