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Warnings - Zanussi ZWT 3202 User Manual

Washing machine
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These warnings are for the safety of you and
others around you.
Please read these points carefully before ins-
talling and using your appliance. Thank you
for your attention.
Keep this user manual with your appliance. If
the appliance is sold or given to another per-
son, please make sure this user manual is
included. This way, the new user will have
the relevant operating instructions and war-
General safety
• Do not modify or attempt to modify this
appliance. This would put yourself in danger.
• Ensure that all coins, safety pins, brooches,
screws etc have been removed before starting
a washing programme. If left in washing, they
can seriously damage the appliance.
• Use the amount of detergent recommended in
the paragraph "Using the right amount of
• Put small items together (socks, belts etc.) in
a small linen bag or pillow case.
• Unplug and close inlet hose tap after using
• Always disconnect the power supply from the
appliance before cleaning or maintenance.
• Do not machine wash clothes with ribbing,
unfinished or torn material.
• Unpack or ask for the appliance to be unpac-
ked immediately upon arrival. Check the out-
side of the appliance is not damaged in any
way. Put any complaints you may have in wri-
ting on your copy of the delivery receipt.
• The appliance must be untied before connec-
ting to power supply or using. If all transit pac-
kaging is not completely removed, the
appliance or surrounding furniture could be
• Connection to the water supply must be car-
ried out by a qualified plumber.
• If your domestic electrical circuit needs adap-
ting to allow the appliance to be plugged in,
use a qualified electrician.
• Ensure that, after installation, the power cable
is not trapped under the appliance.
• If the appliance is installed on carpeted floor,
ensure that the carpet does not obstruct any
ventilation ducts located at the base of the
• The appliance must be equipped with an ear-
thed power plug which conforms to regula-
• Before connecting your appliance to the
power supply, carefully read the instructions in
the chapter entitled "Electrical connection".
• Replacing the power cable should only be car-
ried out by the After Sales Service.
• The manufacturer cannot be held responsible
for any damage resulting from incorrect instal-
Precautions to be taken against frost
If your appliance is exposed to temperatures
below 0°C, the following precautions must be
taken :
• Close the tap and disconnect the inlet hose.
• Place the end of this hose and the drain hose
in a basin on the floor.
• Select the Drain programme let it run until the
end of the cycle.
• Disconnect the appliance from the power sup-
ply by turning the program selector to "Stop".
• Unplug the appliance.
• Screw the inlet hose back on and replace the



Table of Contents

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