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Indoor unit

Installing the mounting plate
1. Install the mounting plate horizontally.
2. Fix the mounting plate to the wall with
screws. Make sure that the mounting plate is
fi xed fi rmly enough to support approximately
60 kg. The weight must be evenly shared by
each screw.
Drill piping hole
1. Slant the piping hole (Ø 55 mm) on the wall
slightly downward to the outdoor side.
2. Insert the piping-hole sleeve into the hole to
prevent damage to the connection piping
and wiring.
Installing the drain hose
1. Connect the drain hose to the outlet pipe
of the indoor unit. Bind the joint with rubber
2. Put the drain hose into the insulating tube.
3. Wrap the insulating tube with wide rubber
belt to prevent the insulating tube from shift-
ing. Slant the drain hose slightly downward
for smooth drainage of the condensate
• The insulating tube must be connected reli-
ably with the sleeve outside the outlet pipe.
The drain must be slanted downward slightly
without distortion, bulge or fl uctuation. Do
not put the outlet of the drain hose in water
to prevent the drain hose from freezing.
Electrical wiring indoor unit:
Blue (Neutral)
Yellow (Ground)
• Check the wiring to make sure that there is
no short circuit. Incorrect wiring can cause
1. Open the front panel.
2. Remove the wiring cover.
3. Fix the mains cord to the terminal board (as
4. Guide the mains cord through the hole at the
back of the indoor unit.
5. Install the cord anchorage and wiring cover.
6. Close the front panel.
• The electrical wiring between the indoor unit
and the outdoor unit must be connected by
a qualifi ed electrician.
• Tighten the terminal screws tightly.
• After tightening the screws, pull the wire
slightly to confi rm whether it's fi rm or not.
• Make sure that the electrical connections are
properly grounded to prevent electric shock.
• Make sure that the wiring connections are
secure and that the cover plates are properly
mounted to prevent electric shock.
Installing the indoor unit
The piping can be output from the right, the right
rear, the left or the left rear.
1. When routing the piping and wiring from the
left or right of indoor unit, cut off the tailings
from the chassis when necessary.
2. Remove the piping from the body case.
3. Wrap the piping, the mains cords and the
drain hose with the tape.
4. Guide the piping, the mains cords and the
drain hose through the piping hole.
5. Firmly hang the mounting slots of the indoor
unit on the upper hooks of the mounting
6. The installation site must be at least 50 cm
above the fl oor surface.
Installing the connection pipe
1. Align the centre of the piping fl are with the
related valve.
2. Screw in the fl are nut by hand and then tight-
en the nut with spanner and torque wrench.
Refer to the following table. 15



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