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Installation - Electrolux CXH09HL1W User Manual

Split inverter heat pump
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indoor unit and outdoor unit will stop
• During defrosting, the indoor indicator
fl ashes and the outdoor unit may emit
vapour. This is normal operation to remove
frost from the heat exchanger of the outdoor
• After defrosting, the heating operation will
resume automatically.
Anti-cold air function
In HEAT mode, the indoor fan will not operate in
order to prevent cold air from blowing out if the
indoor heat exchanger does not reach a certain
temperature in one of the following situations:
• when the heating operation starts;
• when the defrosting operation is fi nished;
• when heating at low temperature.
Gentle breeze
The indoor unit may blow gentle breeze and the
horizontal louvre rotates to a certain position in
one of the following situations:
• In HEAT mode, the compressor does not
start operation after switching on the unit.
Max. cooling
Min. cooling
Max. heating
Min. heating


Installation notes
• Not following the instructions can cause
personal injury and/or property damage.
• Not following the instructions can cause the
unit to fail.
• Let the unit be installed by an authorised
service centre.
• Let the unit be installed in compliance with
local and governmental regulations.
• Let the unit be installed according to the
instructions from this manual.
• In HEAT mode, the temperature reaches the
set value and the compressor has stopped
operation for 1 minute.
Operating temperature range
The operating temperature range for cooling-
only units is 16-48˚C. The operating temperature
range for heat-pump units is -20-(+24)˚C.
Tips for energy saving
• Do not overcool or overheat. Setting the
temperature at a moderate level helps energy
• Cover windows with a blind or a curtain.
Blocking sunlight and air from outdoor is
favourable for cooling.
• Clean air fi lters every two weeks. Clogged air
fi lters lead to ineffi cient operation and energy
Tips for relative humidity
• If the unit is operated in an area with a
relative humidity of more than 80% for a long
time, condensate may drip from the indoor
Indoor side (°C)
• First contact an authorised service centre
before relocating an already installed unit
• Disconnect power before working on the
• Let the mains cable be repaired by an
authorised service centre or qualifi ed
technician for units with Y-attachment.
• The mains plug must remain accessible after
• Keep suffi cient distance between the
interconnection cable and the refrigerant
Outdoor side (°C)



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