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Troubleshooting - Electrolux CXH09HL1W User Manual

Split inverter heat pump
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• The unit is not user-serviceable. Do not
attempt to repair the unit yourself to
prevent electric shock or fi re. Have the unit
repaired by an authorised service centre.
The unit does not operate.
Odours are emitted.
Water-fl owing noise.
Mist is emitted in COOL mode.
Cracking noise.
The unit cannot be started.
The cooling/heating effect is poor.
The remote control does not work.
Water leakage in indoor unit.
Water leakage in outdoor unit.
Noise from indoor unit.
The following checks can save you time
and money before consulting an authorised
service centre.
The unit does not operate if it is switched on immediately
after switching off the unit. After switching off the unit,
wait for approximately 3 minutes before switching on the
Some odours may be emitted from the indoor unit as the
result of room smells (furniture, tobacco, etc.) which have
been taken into the unit. If the odours persist, contact an
authorised service centre.
The water-fl owing noise is the refrigerant fl owing inside
the unit.
During cooling operation, mist may be emitted from the
indoor unit due to high room temperature and humidity.
The mist will disappear if the room temperature and
humidity decrease.
The cracking noise is the sound of friction caused by
expansion and/or contraction of the front panel or other
parts due to the change in temperature.
Is the unit disconnected from the power supply?
Is the mains plug loose?
Is the circuit protection device tripped off?
Is the voltage higher or lower? (tested by professionals)
Is the timer function used correctly?
Is the temperature set correctly?
Is the air inlet or the air outlet blocked?
Is the air fi lter dirty?
Is the window or the door open?
Is a low fan speed set?
Are there heat sources in the room?
Is there any magnetic or electrical interference near the
unit? If yes, remove and reinsert the batteries.
Is the remote control within its transmitting and receiving
range without any obstructions? If necessary, replace the
Is the remote control damaged?
The room humidity is high.
Condensing water over cools.
The drain hose is loose.
In COOL mode, water condensate is generated around
the pipes and connection joints.
In HEAT mode, the water on the heat exchanger drips
In defrost mode, the thawed water fl ows out.
The noise emitted when the fan or compressor relay is
switched on or off.



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