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Warnings; Care And Maintenance; Accessories; Name Of Parts - Zanussi ZTL75 User Manual

Automatic washing machine top ioad
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Never put your hand(s) into the Wash/SpinTub while the
washer is operating.
·The laundry in swirling water may twist around your
finger(s) even at a slow rotation.This is very dangerous.
·Wait until the machine has completely stopped before
opening the lid.
·If the Wash/Spin Tub dose not stop within
15 seconds after the Washer Lid is opened,
turn the washer off immediately and call
a service person.
Keep your washer away from fire. Be sure
not to bring any type of flame near the
washer or put lit cigarettes or volatile
materials on the top of the
·It may deform the washer
or catch fire, because this
washer has a large number
of plastic parts.
Do not install the washer
in the bathroom or very humid place. or
outdoors as exposed to sun or rain.
·It may cause a
malfunction or an
electric shock.
·Direct sunlight
which may deform
the plastic or lose color.
Be sure not to splash or pour
water on the Control Panel.
·It may cause a malfunction
or an electric shock.


Clean washing machine
Use soft clothing to wipe off the water or
dirt on the surface of the washer.
●Do not spray water directly
to the washer body. Doing so
may cause a short circuit
and /or electric chock.
●Detergent, propellant and
other chemicals are not
allowed to use to avoid the
damages on the surface


Be sure to connect Power Plug and Power
Cord properly.
·Be sure to plug the Power Cord into a
proper socket-outlet for the washer.
·An improperly attached plug may
catch fire.
·Never disconnect by pulling the cord. Hold
the plug as you pull it out.
·Never use a damaged Power Cord.
·Never connect and/or disconnect the Power
Plug with wet hands, it may cause an electric
·If the washer is not used for a long time please pull
out the plug.
Never wash items stained with
benzine, kerosene, thinner or
gasoline. It may cause a risk
of fire or explosion.
·Never wash water-proofed. Sheets and
impermeable such as raincoat etc.
Do not allow children to play on
or in the washer.
·If a child accidentally falls
into the Wash/Spin Tub,
serious injury could occur.
Do not allow your washer to be repaired
by an unqualified service person.
·It may cause a risk of accidental
·If the washer operates abnor-
mally, it may cause injury.
Clean the water inlet Valve
(Suggest clean it every 6 months)
After long time use, The water inlet
mesh bag may be blocked with crud,
please load off the water inlet hose,
take out the water inlet mesh bag
from the water inlet valve, clean
the mesh bag, then assemble
the mesh bag in the valve and
load the water inlet hose.
Clean lint filter
(Suggest clean it every time)
1.Take out the lint filter.
2.Pull out the scraps and wash
the lint filter in the water.
3.Install the Filter ( aim the
frame claw to the groove
( Lint Filter is easily destroyed parts).



Water Supply Hose
Wash/Spin Tub
Power Cord
Liquid detergent/Bleach
Washer Lid
Detergent Tray
Softener Dispenser
Lint Filter
Control Panel
Adjustable Leg
( One)


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