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Black & Decker BMH110 Instruction Manual page 7

900gm bread maker
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Table of Contents
How To Make A Loaf of Bread
1. Remove the bread pan.
2. Place the kneading bar on the shaft.
3. Place the ingredients in the bread pan. All
ingredients, including the liquid ingredients,
should be at room temperature. Add the
ingredients in the order specified in the recipe.
Sprinkle sugar and salt around the outside of the
rest of mixture. Place the yeast in a small hollow
in the flour.
4. Place the bread pan in the machine ensuring the
pan is locked into place.
5. Close the lid.
6. Connect the machine to the power and refer to
the "Operating the Bread Maker Section".
7. Select the baking program menu and crust
8. Set the timer delay if required.
9. Press the START button. The ":" will flash.
10. If the bread maker program menu is set at:
Basic, French, Whole wheat, Sweet, Sandwich
bread, beeps are heard during the second
kneading process.These inform you when fruits
and or nuts may be added.
It is possible that steam will escape through the
vent slits in the lid during baking. This is normal.
11. At the end of the baking program 10 beeps
are heard and the machine switches over
automatically to the keep warm function for
1 hour. A further 10 beeps are then heard,
indicating all programming has finished. If you
would like to remove the bread beforehand, stop
the "keep warm" function by pressing the "Start/
Stop" button. Open the lid and take out the bread
pan. It is essential that you use an oven cloth,
glove or similar object as the bread pan is hot.
12. Turn the bread pan over and shake it lightly until
the bread comes out. If the kneading bar is still
in the bread, loosen it with a knife or similar
object. Let the bread cool down.
13. Remove the plug from the power outlet.
Recipes For Your
Bread Maker
Bread Pre-Mix Recipes
Pre-packaged Bread Mixes are available from most
supermarkets. The recipes in this section are for use
with pre-packaged Bread Mixes only. We recommend
the Lowan Brand of Bread Mixes in Australia.
Place ingredients into bread pan in the order listed in
the recipe.
Wipe spills from the outer edge of pan and close the lid.
Press the BREAD TYPE button to the cycle that best
suits the bread mix you are using. For example, if
using Multigrain bread mix press the WHEAT cycle.
Press START.
White Bread Mix
1 cup & 2 tablespoons water
31⁄2 cups white bread mix flour
2 teaspoons yeast
Wholemeal Bread Mix
11⁄2 cups water
4 cups wholemeal bread mix flour
21⁄2 teaspoons yeast
Rye Bread Mix
11⁄2 cups water
4 cups rye bread mix flour
21⁄2 teaspoons yeast

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Table of Contents

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