Delay Timer; Inserting And Removing The Bread Pan; Warning Display - Black & Decker BMH110 Instruction Manual

900gm bread maker
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Delay Timer

You can delay the time your bread maker starts to
have fresh bread ready at a particular time. This is
ideal when you would like fresh bread for when you
get up in the morning or when you come home from
work. Use the "Timer" button to advance the time in
10 minute increments. If necessary, use the "Timer"
button to decrease the time. When the delay timer is
set where you want it, make sure to press the "Start/
Stop" button. The colon " : " flashes and your bread
will be ready when you planned.
The time which appears on the clock after it switches
on automatically is the remaining baking time.
Therefore ensure you set the time for when you
would like the bread ready. The maximum delay is 13
For Example
It is 8.30pm and you would like your bread to be
ready the next morning at 7 o'clock. i.e in 10 hours
and 30 minutes. Press the "arrow pointing upwards"
until 10.30 appears, as the time between "now"
(8.30 pm) and the time the bread should be ready
is 10 hours and 30 minutes. If you work with the
delay timer option, do not use any easily perishable
ingredients such as eggs, fresh milk, etc.
Keep Warm
Your bread is kept warm for 60 minutes after
baking. If you would like to take the bread out during
this time, switch the program off with the Start/Stop

Warning display

If the display shows "H:HH" after you have pressed
Start. The temperature inside is still too high. Press
Stop: open the lid and let the machine cool down for
10 to 20 minutes.
If the display shows "E:EE" after you have pressed
Start, the temperature sensor is disconnected. The
sensor must be checked by an authorised service
The Program Menu
1. Basic kneading, rise and baking normal bread.
2. French kneading, rise and baking with a longer
rise time.
3. Whole-wheat kneading, rise and baking of whole
wheat bread.
4. Quick kneading, and baking loaf with baking soda
or baking powder.
5. Sweet kneading, rise and baking of sweet bread.
6. Ultra fast-1 kneading, rise and baking 1.5LB
bread in a short time.
7. Ultra fast-2 kneading, rise and baking 2.0LB
bread in a short time.
8. Dough kneading and rising.
9. Jam mixing and cooking jam.
10. Cake kneading, rise and baking cake, rising with
soda or baking powder.
11. Sandwich kneading, rise and baking sandwich.
12. Bake only baking, no kneading and rise.

Inserting and Removing the Bread Pan

Insertion: Insert the bread pan by pressing lightly and
revolving clockwise until fixed in correct position.
Remove: Remove the bread pan by pressing lightly
and revolving the pan anti-clockwise until the pan has
been released and then pulling it out. Oven protective
gloves should be worn to remove a hot baking pan.

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Table of Contents

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