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Operating The Bread Maker - Black & Decker BMH110 Instruction Manual

900gm bread maker
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Table of Contents
Your Black & Decker
Bread Maker
Congratulations on the purchase of your new Black &
Decker Bread Maker.
Before first using your Black & Decker Bread Maker,
it is most important that you read and follow the
instructions in this use and care booklet, even if
you feel your are quite familiar with this type of
Your attention is drawn particularly to the section
dealing with IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS. Find a place
and keep this booklet handy for future reference.
This appliance has been designed to operate from a
standard domestic power outlet. It is not intended for
industrial or commercial use.
Preparing Your Bread Maker
For Use
1. Carefully unpack your Bread Maker. Remove all
packaging materials and discard or retain for
future use.
2. Remove the baking pan. Wipe the baking
chamber with a soft damp cloth or sponge.
Never use abrasive or strong household
cleaners since they may damage the finish of the
3. Wash the baking pan with warm soapy water.
Rinse and dry thoroughly.
4. Grease the bread pan and return to the chamber
and bake empty for approximately 10 minutes.
Clean once more.
5. Return the baking pan to the chamber and place
the kneading bar on the axle in the baking area.
Your Bread Maker is now ready for use.

Operating The Bread Maker

Before first using your bread maker, please read the
instruction manual carefully and ensure the voltage of
your electricity supply is the same as that indicated
on the rating label on the appliance.
1. Connect the Bread Maker to a power outlet.
When the bread maker is connected to power, a
beep will be heard and "3:00" will appear on the
display after a short time. The two dots between
the "3" and "00" are not constantly lit.
2. The machine is now ready to operate and
is automatically set to program "1" (normal
position), but the program has not yet started.
Functions of The Bread Maker
Program Menu
This is used to select the baking program menu.
Each time it is pressed (accompanied by a short
beep) the program changes. The current program
is shown on the LCD display. The machine has 12
program menus. Refer to the program menu.
Colour of crust
This is used to select a light, medium or dark color
for the crust.
Loaf size
This is used to select a small(1.5Ib) or a larger(2Ib)
loaf setting for bread recipes.
Start/Stop button
This starts and stops or finishes the selected baking
In order to start a program, press the "Start/Stop"
button for approx 1 second. A short beep is heard
and the two dots in the time display begin to flash
and the program starts.
In order to stop a program, press the "Start/Stop"
button for approx 2 seconds until a beep confirms
that the program has been switched off.
Two dots flashing: Program is started.
Two dots continuously lit: Program is stopped.

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Table of Contents

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