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Device Drivers - LG GSA-H22N Owner's Manual

Super multi dvd rewriter
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Connecting the Sound Card
If the computer is using a sound card, the drive is connected to the sound card with an
audio cable. The supplied analog audio cable fits most sound cards or one can be
purchased at a local computer store.
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Sound card

Device Drivers

When using Windows 2000 Professional/XP Home Edition/XP Professional,
no special device driver is required. Your system, upon Power On and bootup after
installing and connecting the new Super Multi DVD Rewriter, will recognize and load
native software drivers automatically.
Please consult the following internet sites: (then choose your country from the list)
For Windows 2000/XP Users
In order to ensure normal drive operation, please check the following:
• The drive is displayed in
Windows 2000/XP : [Control Panel]-[System]-[Hardware]-[Device Manager]-
• 32-bit is displayed in [Control Panel]-[System]-[Performance]
If the drive is not recognized by your computer, please check the following items.
• If an
indicator is displayed on the IDE controller in [Control Panel]-
[System]-[Device Manager]-[IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller], you will need to con-
tact your PC's manufacturer or the motherboard's manufacturer and get the
appropriate IDE controller driver.
Run Add New Hardware in Control Panel to let PC search again for new device.
Refer to the manual for the sound
card for detailed information
regarding this connection.
Replacing the Computer Cover
When the installation of the drive unit is
complete, replace the computer cover.



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