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Installation Place Requirements - LG WD14024D6 Owner's Manual

Washing machine
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Installation place requirements

‹ Positioning
• Install the washer on a flat hard floor.
• Make sure that air circulation around the washer is not impeded by carpets, rugs, etc.
• Never try to correct any unevenness in the floor with pieces of wood, cardboard or similar
materials under the washer. Do not build the machine into a closed cupboard.
• If it is impossible to avoid positioning the washer next to a gas cooker or coal burning
stove,an insulating(85x60cm) covered with aluminum foil on the side facing the cooker or
stove,must be inserted between the two appliance.
• The washer must not be installed in rooms where the temperature can drop below 0°C.
• Please ensure that when the washer is installed, it is easily accessible for a Service
Technician in the event of a breakdown.
• With the washer installed, adjust all four feet using the transit bolt spanner provided
ensuring the appliance is stable, and a clearance of approximately 20mm is left between
the top of the washer and the underside of any work-top.
• This equipment is not designed for maritime use or for use in a mobile installations such as
caravans, aircraft etc.
• It is also not intended for commercial or outdoor applications, or washing of items such as
foot ware, mats etc.
‹ Location
• Level floor :
Allowable slope under entire washer is 1˚.
• Power outlet :
Must be within 1.5 meters of either side of location
of washer. Do not overload the outlet with more
than one appliance.
• Additional Clearance :
For Wall, 10cm:rear / 2cm : right & left side
Do not place, store or use laundry products on top
of washer at any time.
They can damage the finish or controls.

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