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Error Messages - LG WD14024D6 Owner's Manual

Washing machine
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Troubleshooting guide

Error Messages

• Water supply is not adequate in area.
• Water supply taps are not completely open.
• Water inlet hose(s) are kinked.
• The filter of the inlet hose(s) are clogged.
• Drain hose is kinked or clogged.
• The drain filter is clogged.
• Load is too small.
• Load is out of balance.
• The appliance has an imbalance detection
and correction system. If individual heavy
articles are loaded (ex. bath mat, bath robe,
etc.) this system may stop spinning or even
interrupt the spin cycle altogether.
• If the laundry is still too wet at the end of the
cycle, add smaller articles of laundry to
balance the load and repeat the spin cycle.
• Water overfills due to the faulty water valve.
• Water level sensor has malfunctioned.
• Over load in motor.
• The washer experienced a power failure.
Possible Cause
• Ensure door is not open.
Check another tap in the house.
Fully open tap.
Straighten hose(s).
Check the filter of the inlet hose.
Clean and straighten the drain hose.
Clean the drain filter.
Add 1 or 2 similar items to help
balance the load.
Rearrange load to allow proper
Close the door completely.
If "
" is not released, call for
Unplug the power plug and call for
Close the water tap.
Unplug the power plug.
Call for service.
Allow the washer to stand for 30
minutes to allow the motor to cool;
then restart the cycle.
Restart the cycle.

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