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LG WD14024D6 Owner's Manual page 15

Washing machine
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‹¤Concrete floors
• The installation surface must be clean, dry and level.
• Install washer on a flat hard floor.
‹¤Tile floors (Slippery floors)
• Position each foot on the Tread Mate and level the machine to suit. (Cut Tread Mate into
70x70 mm sections and stick the pieces on to the dry tile where machine is to be placed.)
• Tread Mate is a self adhesive material used on ladders & steps that prevents slipping.
‹¤Wooden floors (Suspended floors)
• Wooden floors are particularly susceptible to vibration.
• To help reduce vibration we recommend you place rubber cups
under each foot under washer at least 15mm thick, secured to at
least 2 floor beams with screws.
• If possible install the washer in one of the corners of the room, where the floor is more
• Fit the rubber cups to reduce vibration.
• You can obtain the rubber cups (p/no.4620ER4002B) from the LG spares dept.
• If vibration persists with rubbers fitted. The flooring structure or rigidity may be inadequate
for proper operation.
• Proper placement and levelling of the washer will ensure long, regular and reliable
• The washer must be 100% horizontal and stand firmly in position.
• It must not "Seesaw" across corners under load.
• The installation surface must be clean, free from floor wax and other lubricant coatings.
• Do not let the feet of the washer get wet. If feet of the washer get wet, slipping may
Rubber Cup

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