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HP 9250C Digital Sender User Manual

Hewlett-packard digital sender user guide.
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   Summary of Contents for HP 9250C Digital Sender

  • Page 3

    HP 9250C Digital Sender User Guide...

  • Page 4

    Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Part number: CB472-90949...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents 1 Device basics Device information ... 2 Where to get more information ... 2 Features ... 3 Performance ... 4 ADF performance ... 4 Duty cycle ... 4 Device software ... 5 Digital-sender software ... 5 Network components used for digital-sending ... 6 Paper handling ...

  • Page 6

    Novell NetWare support ... 32 Network configuration ... 33 Configure TCP/IPv4 parameters ... 33 Configure TCP/IPv6 parameters ... 35 HP Jetdirect EIO print servers ... 35 4 Use device features Load media ... 38 Load media on the scanner glass ... 38 Load the automatic document feeder (ADF) ...

  • Page 7

    Upgrade the firmware ... 64 Determine the current level of firmware ... 64 Download new firmware from the HP Web site ... 64 Use FTP to upgrade the firmware on a direct network connection ... 64 Use a USB connection to upgrade the device firmware ... 66 Use HP Web Jetadmin to upgrade the firmware ...

  • Page 8

    Plastics ... 91 Material restrictions ... 91 Disposal of waste equipment by users in private households in the European Union ... 92 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) ... 92 For more information ... 92 Declaration of conformity ... 93 Country-/region-specific safety statements ... 94 Canadian DOC regulations ...

  • Page 9: Device Basics

    Device basics ● Device information ● Features ● Performance ● Device software ● Network components used for digital-sending ● Paper handling ● Device parts ● Space requirements ENWW...

  • Page 10: Device Information

    You can also install the included HP Digital Sending Software (HP DSS) program to use advanced digital sending features such as send-to-workflow with optical character recognition (OCR).

  • Page 11: Features

    The digital sender includes the following features: ● Digital sending—Send scanned files to e-mail addresses, fax destinations, and network folders. Advanced digital-sending functions are carried out by the HP Digital Sending Software (HP DSS), which is included with the device. ●...

  • Page 12: Performance

    Performance The following sections give specific performance statistics for the digital sender. ADF performance The following table shows the images per minute (ipm) speed of the digital sender ADF. Mode Simplex mono mode Simplex color mode Duplex mono mode Duplex color mode Duty cycle ●...

  • Page 13: Device Software

    To take advantage of advanced digital-sender features such as scanning with OCR or sending to a workflow, you can install the HP Digital Sending Software Version 4 (HP DSS) that is provided on a CD- ROM with the device. This software runs as a service on a network server. It is not necessary to install any software or drivers on individual user's computers.

  • Page 14: Network Components Used For Digital-sending

    Fast Ethernet 100Base-TX or Ethernet 10Base-T An HP DSS server can support up to 1000 HP 9250C Digital Senders, HP 9200C Digital Senders, or MFP devices on the same network. Each device can be individually configured to support any or all of the digital-sending options.

  • Page 15: Paper Handling

    Paper handling The HP 9250C Digital Sender supports the following standard paper sizes: ● Letter: 215.9 x 279 mm (8.5 x 11 inches) ● Executive: 190 x 254 mm (7.5 x 10 inches) ● A4: 210 x 297 mm (8.3 x 11.7 inches) ●...

  • Page 16: Device Parts

    Device parts Before using the digital sender, familiarize yourself with its parts. 4 4 4 4 2 4 4 4 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 Control panel Jam release button Output bin ADF input bin External Qwerty keyboard (pull to open) On/off switch ADF cable...

  • Page 17

    USB device port Power connector Scanner lock Serial number ENWW Device parts...

  • Page 18: Space Requirements

    Space requirements The following figures illustrate the space requirements for the HP 9250C Digital Sender. NOTE: The digital sender requires 90 mm (3.5 inches) of free space behind the device in order to fully open the top. Chapter 1 Device basics...

  • Page 19: Control Panel

    Control panel ● Use the control panel ● Navigate the Administration menu ● Information menu ● Default Job Options menu ● Time/Scheduling menu ● Management menu ● Initial Setup menu ● Device Behavior menu ● Troubleshooting menu ● Resets menu ●...

  • Page 20: Use The Control Panel

    Use the control panel The control panel has a VGA touchscreen that provides access to all device functions. Use the buttons and numeric keypad to control jobs and the device status. The LEDs indicate overall device status. Control-panel layout The control panel includes a touchscreen graphical display, job-control buttons, a numeric keypad, and three light-emitting diode (LED) status lights.

  • Page 21: Home Screen

    Home screen The home screen provides access to the device features, and it indicates the current status of the device. NOTE: Depending on how the system administrator has configured the device, the features that appear on the home screen can vary. Features Device status line Help button...

  • Page 22: Buttons On The Touchscreen

    Buttons on the touchscreen The status line on the touchscreen provides information about the status of the device. Various buttons can appear in this area. The following table describes each button. Home button. Touch the home button to go to the Home screen from any other screen. Start button.

  • Page 23: Navigate The Administration Menu

    Navigate the Administration menu From the Home screen, touch the bottom of the Home screen to see this feature. The Administration menu has several sub-menus, which are listed on the left side of the screen. Touch the name of a menu to expand the structure. A plus sign (+) next to a menu name means that it contains sub-menus.

  • Page 24: Default Job Options Menu

    Default Job Options menu Use this menu to define the default job options for each function. If the user does not specify the job options when creating the job, the default options are used. Default Job Options ● Default Options for Originals ●...

  • Page 25: Default E-mail Options

    Default E-mail Options Use this menu to set default options for e-mails that are sent from the device. Menu item Values Document File Type JPEG TIFF M-TIFF Output Quality High Medium Resolution 75 DPI 150 DPI 200 DPI 300 DPI Color/Black Color scan Black/white scan...

  • Page 26: Default Send To Folder Options

    Default Send to Folder Options Use this menu to set default options for scan jobs sent to the computer. Menu item Values Color/Black Color scan Black/white scan Document File Type M-TIFF TIFF JPEG TIFF version TIFF 6.0 TIFF (post 6.0) Output Quality High Medium (default)

  • Page 27: Time/scheduling Menu

    Time/Scheduling menu Use this menu to set options for setting the time and for setting the device to enter and exit Sleep mode. NOTE: Values shown with "(default)" are the factory-default values. Some menu items have no default. Menu item Sub-menu item Date/Time Date Format...

  • Page 28: Management Menu

    Management menu Use this menu to set up global device-management options. NOTE: Values shown with "(default)" are the factory-default values. Some menu items have no default. Table 2-2 Management menu Menu item Values Sleep mode Disable Use Sleep Delay Chapter 2 Control panel Description Use this feature to customize the Sleep mode settings for this device.

  • Page 29: Initial Setup Menu

    An alphanumeric string, up to 32 characters, used to identify the device. This name is listed on the HP Jetdirect configuration page. The default host name is NPIxxxxxx, where xxxxxx is the last six digits of the LAN hardware (MAC) address.

  • Page 30

    BootP or DHCP). Auto IP: A link-local IP address 169.254.x.x is set. Legacy: The address is set, consistent with older HP Jetdirect devices. Primary DNS Specify the IP address (n.n.n.n) of a Primary DNS Server. Secondary DNS Specify the IP address (n.n.n.n) of a Secondary...

  • Page 31

    Table 2-3 Jetdirect sub-menus (continued) Menu item Sub-menu item Proxy Server Proxy Port Diagnostics Embedded Test ENWW Sub-menu item Values and Description Manual Settings: Use the enable and manually configure a TCP/ IPv6 address in the format of DHCPV6 Policy Router Specified: The stateful auto-configuration method to be used by the print server is determined by...

  • Page 32

    Select Yesto choose all tests. Select individual tests. Data Path Test This test helps to identify data path and corruption problems on an HP postscript level 3 emulation device. It sends a predefined PS file to the device. Select Execution Time [H] Use this item to specify the length of time (in hours) that an embedded test will be run.

  • Page 33

    Table 2-3 Jetdirect sub-menus (continued) Menu item Sub-menu item Ping Test ENWW Sub-menu item Values and Description This test is used to check network communications. This test sends link-level packets to a remote network host, then waits for an appropriate response. To run a ping test, set the following items: Dest Type Specify whether the target device is an IPv4 or IPv6...

  • Page 34

    Table 2-3 Jetdirect sub-menus (continued) Menu item Sub-menu item Ping Results Link Speed Chapter 2 Control panel Sub-menu item Values and Description Use this item to view the ping test status and results using the control panel display. You can select the following items: Packets Sent Shows the number of packets (0 - 65535) sent to the...

  • Page 35

    Table 2-3 Jetdirect sub-menus (continued) Menu item Sub-menu item ENWW Sub-menu item Values and Description 100TX Auto: Limits auto-negotiation to a maximum link speed of 100 Mbps. 1000TX Full: 1000 Mbps, full-duplex operation. Initial Setup menu...

  • Page 36: E-mail Setup

    Description Copy the local Send settings from one device to another. Use this feature to allow the transfer of the device from one HP Digital Sending Software (DSS) server to another. HP DSS is a software package that handles digital sending tasks such as faxing, e-mail, and sending a scanned document to a network folder.

  • Page 37: Device Behavior Menu

    Device Behavior menu NOTE: Values shown with "(default)" are the factory-default values. Some menu items have no default. Menu item Sub-menu item Language Keyboard Layout Key Press Sound Inactivity Timeout Warning/Error Behavior Clearable Warnings Continuable Events ENWW Values Description Select the language from Use this feature to select a different language for the list.

  • Page 38: Troubleshooting Menu

    Troubleshooting menu NOTE: Values shown with "(default)" are the factory-default values. Some menu items have no default. Menu item Sub-menu item Event Log Calibrate Scanner Scanner Tests Lower Lamp Sensors ADF Input Motor ADF Input Reverse Flatbed Motor ADF Read Motor Reverse ADF Duplex Solenoid ADF LED Indicator Control Panel...

  • Page 39

    Connectivity ● Novell NetWare support ● Network configuration NOTE: For information about necessary network components for digital sending, see components used for digital-sending on page 6 ENWW Network...

  • Page 40: Novell Netware Support

    Novell NetWare support If Novell file servers are used on the network, HP DSS can write files into network folders and support network fax folders that reside on Novell servers. The Novell client software must be installed on the network and be configured correctly before Novell-specific attributes can be configured in HP DSS.

  • Page 41: Network Configuration

    CD. For more information on supported networks and network configuration tools, see the HP Jetdirect Print Server Administrator's Guide. The guide comes with devices in which an HP Jetdirect print server is installed. Configure TCP/IPv4 parameters...

  • Page 42: Set The Subnet Mask

    Touch Address. Touch the IP Address Use the touchscreen keypad to type the IP address. Touch OK. Touch Save. Set the subnet mask Scroll to and touch Administration. Scroll to and touch Touch Networking and Touch Embedded Touch TCP/IP. Touch IPV4 Settings.

  • Page 43: Configure Tcp/ipv6 Parameters

    HP Jetdirect print servers facilitate network management by allowing you to connect a device directly to your network at any location. HP Jetdirect print servers also support the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), which provides remote device management and troubleshooting through the HP Web Jetadmin software.

  • Page 44

    Chapter 3 Connectivity ENWW...

  • Page 45: Use Device Features

    Use device features This section provides instructions for how to carry out common digital-sending tasks. ● Load media ● Use the keyboard ● Basic send information ● Configure the device to send e-mail ● Send an e-mail ● Scan to a folder ●...

  • Page 46: Load Media

    Load media You can load media to scan either on the scanner glass or in the ADF. Load media on the scanner glass Use the scanner glass to scan small, lightweight (less than 60 g/m such as receipts, newspaper clippings, photographs, or old or worn documents. Place the document face-down on the scanner glass, with the top right-hand corner of the document ▲...

  • Page 47

    Adjust the media guides until they are snug against the media. ENWW Load media...

  • Page 48: Use The Keyboard

    Use the keyboard The digital sender has a built-in keyboard that can be used to type the necessary information when scanning a file to an e-mail address. At the bottom of the device, pull out the keyboard tray. Type the necessary information in the active field on the device touchscreen. Use the following keys to navigate from the keyboard: ●...

  • Page 49: Basic Send Information

    Basic send information Log in When you walk up to the digital sender, you will see the home screen. The options that are displayed are the digital-sending options that have been enabled by the system administrator. The system administrator can configure the device to require a user name and password in order to use some or all of the digital-sender features.

  • Page 50: Cancel Send

    Button Description Output Quality Touch this button to increase or decrease the print quality of the file being scanned. A higher quality setting produces a larger file size. Resolution Touch this button to change the scan resolution. A higher resolution setting produces a larger file size. Color/Black Touch this button to determine whether you will scan the document in color or in black-and-white.

  • Page 51: Configure The Device To Send E-mail

    NOTE: You can also configure the e-mail settings by using the embedded Web server, which HP recommends. For helpful tips and more about configuring the scan e-mail feature, see the Embedded Web Server User Guide on the device documentation CD.

  • Page 52: Find Gateways

    Type the SMTP gateway address, either as an IP address or as a fully qualified domain name. If you do not know the IP address or domain name, contact the network administrator. Touch OK. Test the SMTP settings From the Home screen, touch Administration. Touch Initial Setup.

  • Page 53: Send An E-mail

    Send an e-mail The device scans both black-and-white and color originals. You can use default settings or change the scanning preferences and file formats. The following are the default settings: ● Color ● PDF (requires the recipient to have an Adobe Acrobat viewer to view the e-mail attachment) Use the Send E-mail screen Use the touchscreen to navigate through the options on the Send E-mail screen.

  • Page 54: Use The Auto-complete Function

    If prompted, type your user name and password. Complete the From:, To:, and Message fields if appropriate. Your user name or other default information might appear in the From: field. If so, you might not be able to change it. (Optional) Touch example, the document’s original size).

  • Page 55: Use The Local Address Book

    Press Start. Use the local address book Use the local address book to store frequently used e-mail addresses. If using HP Digital Sending Software, the local address book also can be shared between devices that use the same DSS server.

  • Page 56: Scan To A Folder

    Scan to a folder If the system administrator has made the feature available, the device can scan a file and send it to a folder on the network. Supported operating systems for folder destinations include Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003, and Novell. Place the document face-down on the scanner glass or face-up in the ADF.

  • Page 57: Scan To A Workflow Destination

    Scan to a workflow destination NOTE: This device feature is provided by the optional Digital Sending Software product. If the system administrator has enabled the workflow functionality, you can scan a document and send it to a custom workflow destination. A workflow destination gives you the ability to send additional information, along with the scanned document, to a specified network or file transfer protocol (FTP) location.

  • Page 58: Send A Digital Fax

    Send a digital fax Digital faxing is available when you install the optional HP Digital Sending Software. For information about ordering this software, go to With digital faxing, the device does not need to be connected directly to a phone line. Instead, the device can send a fax in one of three ways: ●...

  • Page 59: Manage And Maintain The Device

    Manage and maintain the device This chapter describes how to manage and maintain the device: ● Use information pages ● Use the embedded Web server ● Use HP Web Jetadmin software ● Controlling digital-sending security ● Replace supplies and parts ● Clean the device ●...

  • Page 60: Use Information Pages

    Touch Configuration Page. Touch Show. NOTE: If the device contains an HP Jetdirect print server or an optional hard disk drive, additional configuration pages that provide information about those devices appear. From the Home screen, touch Administration. Touch Information. Touch Configuration/Status Pages.

  • Page 61: Use The Embedded Web Server

    If you use the HP Digital Sending Software provided on the digital sender software CD, you must use the HP MFP DSS Configuration Utility to perform the functions below described in this section. See the HP Digital Sending Software Support Guide on the documentation CD for configuration instructions.

  • Page 62: Embedded Web Server Sections

    Embedded Web server sections Tab or section Information tab Provides device, status, and configuration information Settings tab Provides the ability to configure the device from your computer Chapter 5 Manage and maintain the device Options ● Device Status: Shows the device status. To change the default settings, click Change Settings.

  • Page 63

    The Networking tab can be password-protected. ● HP Instant Support™: Connects you to the HP Web site to help you find solutions. This service analyzes your device error log and configuration information to provide diagnostic and support information specific to your device.

  • Page 64: Use Hp Web Jetadmin Software

    To obtain plug-ins to HP Web Jetadmin, click plug-ins, and then click the download link that is next to the name of the plug-in that you want. The HP Web Jetadmin software can automatically notify you when new plug-ins are available.

  • Page 65: Controlling Digital-sending Security

    Security page, see the embedded Web server guide on the device CD. The final software program that can be used to control the digital sender is the HP Web Jetadmin program. This program can also be configured to require a password before any changes can be made.

  • Page 66: Replace Supplies And Parts

    Follow the instructions that come in the envelope to replace the mylar sheet. NOTE: If necessary, you can order extra mylar sheet replacement kits from you HP sales representative. The HP part number is Q6496A. Replace the ADF Maintenance Kit The device notifies you when it is time to replace the ADF Maintenance Kit by showing a message on the control-panel display.

  • Page 67

    After replacing the kit, reset the On the Home screen, touch Administration. Scroll down and touch Resets. Touch Reset Supplies. Touch New Document Feeder Touch Yes, and then touch Save. ENWW New Document Feeder Kit setting. Kit. Replace supplies and parts...

  • Page 68: Clean The Device

    Clean the device During the scanning process, paper and dust particles can accumulate inside the device. Over time, this buildup can cause problems, such as specks on scanned documents. Clean the exterior Use a soft, damp, lint-free cloth to wipe dust, smudges, and stains off of the exterior of the device. Clean the glass ●...

  • Page 69: Clean The Adf Rollers

    Locate the white, vinyl calibration strips. Clean the ADF backing and the calibration strips by wiping them with a clean, damp, lint-free cloth. Use an ammonia-based surface cleaner to dampen the cloth. Close the top of the digital sender. Clean the ADF rollers You should clean the rollers in the ADF if you are experiencing misfeeds or if your originals show marks as they exit the ADF.

  • Page 70

    Locate the rollers near the vinyl calibration strips. Wipe the rollers gently with a clean, water-dampened, lint-free cloth. CAUTION: Close the scanner lid. Push the release button to open the ADF cover. Locate the rollers. Wipe the rollers with a clean, water-dampened, lint-free cloth. CAUTION: Chapter 5 Manage and maintain the device Do not pour water directly onto the rollers.

  • Page 71

    Locate the separation pad. Wipe the pad with a clean, water-dampened, lint-free cloth. Close the ADF cover. ENWW Clean the device...

  • Page 72: Upgrade The Firmware

    Upgrade the firmware The HP 9250C Digital Sender features remote firmware update (RFU) capability. Use the following steps for remotely upgrading digital-sender firmware. These steps are explained in more detail in the following sections. Determine the current level of firmware installed on the device.

  • Page 73

    If you do not already have it, get the TCP/IP address of the digital sender from the EIO Jetdirect page. The HP Jetdirect page is the second page that you see when viewing the configuration page on the control panel.

  • Page 74: Use A Usb Connection To Upgrade The Device Firmware

    Web at the start of this procedure. Select the file. Click Upload to move the .RFU file to the correct location on the HP Web Jetadmin server. After the upload is complete, the browser window refreshes.

  • Page 75: Upgrade The Hp Jetdirect Inside Firmware

    Upgrade the HP Jetdirect Inside firmware The HP Jetdirect Inside network interface in the device has firmware that can be upgraded separately from the digital-sender firmware. This procedure requires that you have HP Web Jetadmin Version 6.2 or greater installed. Complete the following steps to update the HP Jetdirect firmware with HP Web Jetadmin.

  • Page 76: Calibrate The Scanner

    From the Home screen, touch Administration. Touch Troubleshooting. Place the calibration sheet that came with the digital sender on the flatbed scanner. NOTE: Touch Calibrate Scanner The device starts the calibration process, and Calibrating appears on the touchscreen status line until the process is complete.

  • Page 77: Problem Solving

    Problem solving This information is organized to help you resolve device problems. Choose the general topic or type of problem from the following list. ● Sources for information about problems ● Control-panel messages ● Jams ● Solve e-mail problems ENWW...

  • Page 78: Sources For Information About Problems

    Web server guide on the device CD for more information. If an error occurs with the HP DSS software you might see an error message appear in the HP MFP DSS Configuration Utility or in the Windows event log. See the DSS support guide for information on these error messages.

  • Page 79: Control-panel Messages

    If the error persists, you might need to replace the formatter. Turn the device off and then on. If this message persists, contact an HP- authorized service or support provider. (See the HP support flyer, or go to support/9250c.)

  • Page 80: Chapter 6 Problem Solving

    A critical hardware error occurred. The EIO accessory card has encountered a critical error, as specified by YYYY. The embedded HP Jetdirect print server has encountered a critical error, as specified by YYYY. The control panel function that you are trying to use has been locked to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Page 81

    If the message persists after all jams have been cleared, a sensor might be stuck or broken. Contact an HP-authorized service or support provider. See the HP support flyer, or go to Verify the LDAP server address. See Solve e-mail problems on page 77.

  • Page 82

    Table 6-1 Control-panel messages (continued) Control panel message Network connection required for digital sending. Contact administrator. Novell Login Required Password or name is incorrect. Please enter correct login. Scan failure Press Start to rescan SMTP gateway not responding The folder you have entered is not a valid folder.

  • Page 83: Jams

    Jams Avoid jams Use the following information to avoid jams when using the ADF. ● When loading paper into the ADF, ensure that the paper stack is square and straight and the paper guides are adjusted to the width of the page to be scanned ●...

  • Page 84

    Close the ADF cover. Chapter 6 Problem solving ENWW...

  • Page 85: Solve E-mail Problems

    Solve e-mail problems If you are unable to send e-mails by using the digital-send feature, you might need to reconfigure the SMTP gateway address or the LDAP gateway address. Open the configuration page to find the current SMTP and LDAP gateway addresses. See procedures to check if the SMTP and LDAP gateway addresses are valid.

  • Page 86

    Chapter 6 Problem solving ENWW...

  • Page 87: Appendix A Service And Support

    HP does not warrant that the operation of HP products will be uninterrupted or error free. If HP is unable, within a reasonable time, to repair or replace any product to a condition as warranted, you will be entitled to a refund of the purchase price upon prompt return of the product.

  • Page 88


  • Page 89: Customer Self Repair Warranty Service

    If during the diagnosis period, HP identifies that the repair can be accomplished by the use of a CSR part, HP will ship that part directly to you for replacement. There are two categories of CSR parts: 1) Parts for which customer self repair is mandatory.

  • Page 90: Hewlett-packard Limited Warranty Statement For Software

    HP will replace SOFTWARE PRODUCT media, which does not execute its programming instructions due to such defects. HP does not warrant that the operation of HP products will be uninterrupted or error free. If HP is unable, within a reasonable time, to replace the SOFTWARE PRODUCT to a condition as warranted, HP may request that you uninstall the SOFTWARE PRODUCT and return it to HP for a refund.

  • Page 91: Availability Of Support And Service

    Availability of support and service Around the world, HP provides a variety of service and support options for purchase. Availability of these programs will vary depending upon your location. ENWW Availability of support and service...

  • Page 92: Hp Maintenance Agreements

    Maintenance agreements are not part of the standard warranty. Support services vary by location. Contact HP Customer Care to determine the services available to you and for more information about maintenance agreements. In general, the digital sender will have the following maintenance agreement: Next-Day Onsite Service This agreement provides support by the next working day following a service request.

  • Page 93: Appendix B Specifications

    Specifications ● Physical specifications ● Electrical specifications ● Power consumption specifications ● Environmental specifications ● Acoustic emissions ENWW...

  • Page 94: Physical Specifications

    (22.51 inches) (17.82 inches) 100-240V (±10%) 50/60 Hz (±2 Hz) 1.0 Amp Power requirements are based on the country/region where the device is sold. Do Ready Sleep 35 W 15.7 W for current information. Weight 23.09 kg (50 lbs) ENWW...

  • Page 95: Environmental Specifications

    0° to 40°C (68° to 81°F) (32° to 104°F) 15% to 80% 15% to 80% for current information. Declared per ISO 9296 = 6.8 Bels (A) [68 dB (A)] = 4.9 Bels (A) [49 dB (A)] = 53 dB(A) = 35 dB(A)

  • Page 96

    Appendix B Specifications ENWW...

  • Page 97: Appendix C Regulatory Information

    Regulatory information ● FCC regulations ● Environmental Product Stewardship program ● Declaration of conformity ● Country-/region-specific safety statements ENWW...

  • Page 98: Fcc Regulations

    Consult your dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician. NOTE: Any changes or modifications to the device that are not expressly approved by HP could void the user’s authority to operate this equipment. Use of a shielded interface cable is required to comply with the Class B limits of Part 15 of FCC rules.

  • Page 99: Environmental Product Stewardship Program

    Material restrictions This HP product does not contain added mercury. This HP product contains a battery that might require special handling at end-of-life. The batteries contained in or supplied by Hewlett-Packard for this product include the following: HP 9250C Digital Sender device...

  • Page 100: Disposal Of Waste Equipment By Users In Private Households In The European Union

    For recycling information, you can go to, or contact your local authorities or the Electronics Industries Alliance: Disposal of waste equipment by users in private households in the European Union This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product must not be disposed of with your other household waste.

  • Page 101: Declaration Of Conformity

    Product Regulations Manager, Hewlett-Packard Company,, PO Box 15, Mail Stop 160, Boise, Idaho 83707-0015, , (Phone: 208-396-6000) ENWW Hewlett-Packard Singapore Pte Ltd Imaging and Printing Manufacturing Operations, 60 Alexandra Terrace, #07-01, The Comtech, Singapore, 118502 HP Digital Sender 9250C BOISB-0401-00 , ICES-003, Issue 4 , , Singapore July 27, 2006 Declaration of conformity...

  • Page 102: Country-/region-specific Safety Statements

    Country-/region-specific safety statements Canadian DOC regulations Complies with Canadian EMC Class B requirements. « Conforme à la classe B des normes canadiennes de compatibilité électromagnétiques. « CEM ». » VCCI statement (Japan) EMI statement (Korea) Appendix C Regulatory information ENWW...

  • Page 103: Index

    Index access denied message 72 acoustic emissions 87 address book, e-mail deleting addresses 47 address books, e-mail adding addresses 47 clearing 30 recipient lists 46 recipient lists, creating 46 address books, e-mail auto-complete function 46 LDAP server errors 73 LDAP support 43 error messages 73 jams, preventing 75 loading 38...

  • Page 104

    HP Jetdirect firmware upgrades 67 HP Jetdirect Inside 3 HP Jetdirect print server configuring 35 error messages 72 settings 21 HP Web Jetadmin 56, 66 humidity specifications 87 I/O configuration network configuration 33 settings 21 Information menu 15 information pages 52...

  • Page 105

    43 default gateway 34 diagnostics 23 finding SMTP gateways 44 HP Jetdirect Inside 3 HP Jetdirect print server error messages 72 HP Web Jetadmin 56 IP address 33 link speed settings 26 requirements 6 SMTP servers 43...

  • Page 106

    14 warranty Customer self repair 81 extended 84 product 79 software 82 Web Jetadmin 66 Web sites firmware, downloading 64 HP Web Jetadmin, downloading 56 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) 92 Windows 2000 fax 50 workflow, send to 49 ENWW...

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