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D-Link DNR-326 Brochure & Specs page 2

2-bay professional network video recorder
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Extensive Recording Functionality
A clear single-page interface aids configuration including compression,
resolution and frame rate for all connected cameras. The NVR records video
from up to nine local and remote network cameras. Once cameras have
been set up, a highly configurable scheduling system allows for continuous
recording or recording during specifically allocated timeframes. Each camera
can be set to record independently at preset intervals. The NVR also provides
event recording based on specific triggers such as when motion is detected.
The NVR can be configured to overwrite the oldest data automatically when
HDD space runs out, allowing for continuous and uninterrupted recording.
Users can specify the number of days the recording should be kept (within
the limits of the HDD capacity). For example, if the NVR has the capacity to
store 7 days of recording, using the overwrite option, the NVR will record
the 8th day and delete the 1st day. The NVR also provides the option to stop
recording when the HDD is full. When the disk reaches capacity, a notification
can be sent via e-mail or to an external device such as an audible alarm or LED
display via a Digital Input/Digital Output (DI/DO) interface only.
Powerful Event Management
The NVR centrally controls the digital output, e-mail notifications, and
recording for all the connected cameras. Input triggers from camera motion
detection or digital input interfaces can additionally be monitored. These
events will be logged, with optional notifications via e-mail or output
devices. Users can set up multiple contact lists for event notification.
A straightforward logging system organises events by date for easy recall.
Intelligent Playback
Searching through recorded data can be tedious and frustrating. However,
the NVR's smart search function makes detecting notable events easier.
By selecting a target area on the video and setting search sensitivity, the
smart search will traverse the video database based on specified search
criteria to locate important events. Search criteria include options such
as motion detection, missing or foreign objects, lost focus, or camera occlusion.
After selecting a desired video period for display, the NVR can instantly
begin playback. The DNR-326 supports 4-channel simultaneous playback.
Playback speed control allows for up to 16x speed fast forward or fast
backward play. The step playback option displays one frame at a time.
Additionally, users can enhance the recorded video with controls such
as brightness, contrast, and sharpness. During playback, if a user uncovers
video that needs to be exported, two formats are available. The AVI and
ASF file formats will transpose a timestamp on the exported video.
If a printer is connected to the user's PC, the NVR can also print the selected
still image. The D-Link NVR ensures the security and integrity of IP camera
footage. Administrators may filter external connections to the NVR by IP
address, limiting access and thus increasing security. The NVR also includes
the option to protect data using a RAID 1 configuration. RAID 1 duplicates
the recordings database onto two separate drives. In the event of an HDD
failure, data integrity is maintained on the secondary HDD.
2-Bay Professional Network Video Recorder
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