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Changing Presser Feet; Changing Presser Feet (zipper Foot); Presser Feet; Rolled Hem Foot - Brother 884-639 Operation Manual

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Changing Presser Feet

Make sure the power to the machine is off before changing presser feet.
Changing Presser Feet
(Zipper Foot)
Raise presser foot, and raise
needle to highest position.
Loosen and remove screw using
Attach zipper foot and tighten
Use the same method to attach
the other feet that come with
your machine.
See page 22 for directions on
attaching the "Walking Foot".
Use the position knob on back of
the zipper foot to adjust position
of foot in relation to needle.
Only the zipper foot has a
position knob. You can begin
sewing with all other presser feet
immediately after attaching.

Presser Feet

Pin Feed Foot
For perfect
stitching on
otherwise difficult
fabrics like velvet,
leather and suede.

Rolled Hem Foot

Use on the edge
of fabric, such as
on hems of dress
shirts, to fold the
edge of the fabric
in three while

Walking Foot

For sewing or
quilting on fabrics
which stick or tend
to slip Useful for
sewing multiple
layers as in quilting.

Quilting Foot

Spring action
foot for darning,
quilting or
Use only feet supplied with your machine. Each foot is
specially designed for this machine and has clearance
for the pin at the rear of each foot. Use of other presser
feet may damage or break the pin feed mechanism.

General purpose Foot

This foot is used for
most sewing. (Can
also be used for
sewing thick fabrics or
When sewing thick
seams, lightly guide
the fabric with your
hand on the downward
side of the seam.
Can also be used with
pin feeding.

Invisible Zipper Foot

Use to attach
concealed fasteners.
Zipper Foot
Use to attach fasteners
other than concealed
fasteners. The zipper
foot can also be used
to secure piping in
place as you sew. Use
the side of the foot
closest to the needle to
rest against the edge of
the piping as you sew.
1/4" Foot
For quilt and
patchwork piecing
with 1/4" or 1/8"
seam allowance.



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