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Network Management - HP FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 533FLR-T Quickspecs

Flexfabric 10gb 2-port 533flr-t adapter
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Standard Features
Optimized for
Checksum &
Segmentation Offload
Receive Side Scaling (RSS) RSS resolves the single-processor bottleneck by allowing the receive side network load from a network
Time synchronization
implementations (PTP)
Network Adapter Teaming The HP 533 FLR-T adapter support for NIC teaming helps IT administrators increase network fault
Network Partitioning

Network Management

Management Support
I/O Virtualization support for VMware NetQueue and Microsoft VMQ help meet the performance demands
of consolidated virtual workloads.
Compliant with Single-Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV), accommodating multiple Virtual Machines (VMs) to
share single PCIe resources.
The HP 530T Adapter by Broadcom is SR-IOV ready, requiring firmware, software and OS support.
Normally the TCP Checksum is computed by the protocol stack. By selecting one of the "Checksum
Offload" parameters, the checksum can be computed by the adapter.
Segmentation Offload is technique for increasing outbound throughput of high-bandwidth network
connections by reducing CPU overhead. The technique is also called TCP segmentation offload (TSO) when
applied to TCP, or generic segmentation offload (GSO).
The HP 533 FLR-T Adapter by Broadcom has Checksum and Segmentation Offload capabilities.
IPv6 uses 128-bit addressing allowing for more devices and users on the Internet. IPv4 supported 32-bit
addressing. The HP 533 FLR-T Adapter by Broadcom supports IPv6.
adapter to be shared across multiple processors. RSS enables packet receive-processing to scale with the
number of available processors.
The HP 533 FLR-T Adapter by Broadcom has RSS capabilities.
Synchronization of system clocks throughout a network, achieving clock accuracy in the sub-microsecond
range, making it suitable for measurement and control systems.
The HP 533 FLR-T Adapter by Broadcom supports Precision Time Protocol-ready (PTP).
tolerance and increased network bandwidth, The team of adapters can work together as a single virtual
adapter. The HP 530T provides support for several different types of teaming enabling IT administrators to
optimize availability, improve performance and help reduce costs.
The HP 533FLR-T supports NIC partitioning for ProLiant Gen8 rack servers. Allowing administrators to
configure a 10Gb port as four separate partitions or physical functions. Each PCI function is associated with
a different virtual NIC. To the OS and the network, each physical function appears as a separate NIC port.
The HP 533 FLR-T adapter can be administered from HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM). The adapters can
be managed individually or in teams, providing SNMP based statistics for reporting purposes. The HP 533
FLR-T adapter can also be managed by other applications with SNMP support.
DA - 14616 North America — Version 2 — May 9, 2014
HP FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 533FLR-T Adapter
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