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Setting The Ip Addresses - D-Link DFL-1000 Quick Install Manual

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dows operating system.
For the terminal port parameters set Bits per Second to 115200, Data bits to 8,
Parity to None and Stop bits to 1.
At the Login prompt type admin, no password required.
Follow the instructions in the next section to set the interface addresses.

Setting the IP Addresses

First set the internal interface address to be in your internal network.
For example:
set interface internal address
Next set the mask for your internal subnet:
set interface internal netmask
Now set up the external interface:
set interface external address
set interface external netmask
Set the default gateway to the gateway address provided by your ISP:
set defaultgw
At this point you should check the current settings.
Use the following command:
get system interface
If the DMZ address is in the same subnet with the Internal or External
interfaces it will have to be changed. Otherwise it does not need to be
set at this point. To change it use:
set interface dmz address
set interface dmz netmask



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