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Canon M15-155 Installation Manual

Atm switching modules for the avaya m770.
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Installation Guide
Catalog No. 130030 Rev. F. July, 2001


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  • Page 1

    Avaya Installation Guide M15-155 ATM S WITCHING ODULES M770 FOR THE VAYA Catalog No. 130030 Rev. F. July, 2001...

  • Page 3

    Single-Mode and 13 Multi-Mode ports. They provide connection for OC-3 ATM servers and end stations and act as a backbone between switches. The M15-155 modules and other M770 ATM switching modules comprise a fully functional ATM switch within the Avaya M770 Multifunction chassis. There is no need for a central ATM switching or processing module.

  • Page 4

    • LANE servers: LECS, BUS, LES, on each module. LEC on elected module. • Idt R4650 (100 MIPS) RISC processor, 32 Mbyte RAM and 4 Mbyte Flash on EACH module for fast call set up and protocol processing. M15-155 Installation Guide...

  • Page 5: Front Panel Components

    Chapter 1 Overview Front Panel Components Table 1 M15-155 Front Panel Diagnostic LEDs Description State Meaning Indicator Module Module is OK Operational Module is not operational Status Blink Module Fault Built-In Test BIT in progress BIT not in progress Network...

  • Page 6

    2 seconds, until all LEDs light ON. Entering Boot Loader Program 3 3 4 4 To enter Boot Loader Mode, press both the pushbuttons simultaneously and hold until the OPR LED switches OFF (about 4 seconds). M15-155 Installation Guide...

  • Page 7: Installation Overview

    One M-PS800 supports 7 M15-155 modules. • One M-PS500 supports 4 M15-155 modules. • Three M-PS500 support up to 12 M15-155 modules with no power supply redundancy. Laser Safety The M15-155SF Single-Mode transceiver module and the two M15-155MS Single- Mode transceiver ports are Class 1 Laser devices. They comply with IEC 825-1 and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11.

  • Page 8: Installing The Module

    Minimum -31 dbm, Maximum -14 dbm Installing the Module The M15-155 modules occupy one slot in the Avaya M770 chassis and can be inserted into any available position. The Avaya M770 chassis ATM Backplane is available in two versions: a single-domain or a dual domain ATM Backplane. If you have the dual-domain version note that slots 1 to 7 and slots 8 to 14 in the chassis function as two separate, unconnected ATM switching domains.

  • Page 9

    Inserting the Module into the Chassis Motherboard Upper Guide Rails DomainX or ATM Module Plastic Handle l t i Module t i o Name and t c h LEDs Panel Plastic Handle DomainX Motherboard Lower Guide Rails M15-155 Installation Guide...

  • Page 10

    Installation Power-on Check When you plug in the M15-155, wait until first the CPU LED lights and then the OPR lights steadily before commencing work. If there are several M15-155 modules, one module will be elected as the Master Agent, and the NMA LED on that module will also light ON.

  • Page 11: Troubleshooting

    OPR LED does not The module may be in Reset the module again but this light ON after reboot Monitor mode because time make a Short Reset (less than 4 (after more than 30 of a Long Reset seconds) seconds) M15-155 Installation Guide...

  • Page 12

    Erase one of the Boot Images from Flash in Flash memory To many Main Images Erase one of the Software Version from in Flash Flash memory Access Violation You do not have You must obtain the required access the required permission access permission M15-155 Installation Guide...

  • Page 13: Connector Pin Assignments

    Appendix Connector Pin Assignments The following table shows the wiring connection to the Terminal port of the M15-155 module. Table 3 M15-155 Terminal Port Wiring Connections Name RJ-45 PINS DB-25 PINS DB-9 PINS no connection no connection M15-155 Installation Guide...

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