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Adjusting The Aperture; Automatic Aperture; Manual Aperture Control - Canon EOS C100 Instruction Manual

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Adjusting the Aperture

Adjusting the Aperture
You can affect the brightness of your recordings or change the depth of field by adjusting the aperture. For
example, use a small aperture value for a shallow depth of field that isolates the subject in focus and nicely blurs
the background. You can have the camcorder automatically set the aperture according to the brightness of the
subject, or adjust the aperture manually.
Operating modes:

Automatic Aperture

When an EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM or EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens is attached to the
camcorder, you can have the camcorder automatically adjust the aperture (f/stop).
1 Open the aperture [Mode] submenu.
[~ Camera Setup] > [Iris] > [Mode]
2 Select [Automatic] and then press the joystick.
• When the camcorder is set to automatic aperture, m will appear on
the screen next to the aperture value.
• If you set an assignable button to [Iris Mode] (A 87), you can press the
button to toggle between the [Automatic] and [Manual] settings.

Manual Aperture Control

You can adjust the aperture value of most EF lenses using the control
dial on the grip unit. Available aperture values will vary depending on
the EF lens attached to the camcorder.
By default, the camcorder is set to manual aperture. If the aperture
mode was changed, set [~ Camera Setup] > [Iris] > [Mode] to
[Manual] (A 60) in advance.
Selecting the Increment Scale to Use When Adjusting the
1 Open the [Iris Increment] submenu.
[~ Camera Setup] > [Iris] > [Iris Increment]
2 Select [1/2 stop], [1/3 stop] or [Fine] and then press the joystick.
Changing the Aperture Value
Turn the control dial to adjust the aperture.
• The selected aperture value will appear on the lower left of the screen.
• When [~ Camera Setup] > [Iris] > [Iris Increment] is set to [Fine], the actual increments will be smaller than
1/3 stop but the onscreen display will show the closest 1/3-stop aperture value.
[~ Camera Setup]
Control dial
[~ Camera Setup]
[Iris Increment]
[1/3 stop]

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