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General Details About The Product - LG GR-K192UF Service Manual

Kimchi refrigerator
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General details about the product

Chapter 7. General details about the product
7-1. Refrigerator noise
The structure of the freezing room and mechanical room, which are the sources of Kimchi refrigerator noise, is as follows.
Here you can see that the main source of noise during refrigerator operation is the compressor, the condenser and the fan
motor that cools the compressor in the mechanical room.
7-1-1. SVC method for noise claim
(1) Basic method of noise reduction
• Block: This method blocks the noise from the source so that it does not reach the ears by blocking the transmission path
of the sound with high density sound blocker. (This is effective in high frequency area)
• Using sound absorber: This method is similar to the blocking method but uses Styrofoam and glass wool in the
transmission path to absorb the sound. (This is effective in low frequency area)
• Vibration reduction: This method blocks the mechanical vibration from the operating part so that it does not reach other
parts. (using vibration reduction rubber etc.)
• Dynamic balance maintenance: This method minimizes the dynamic imbalance of the rotating object.
• Fixing the vibrating part: This method firmly fixes the vibrating part depending on the situation.
• Removing contact: Separate the two parts or firmly fix the object that periodically make sound by hitting each other.
(Fig. Diagram of Kimchi refrigerator noise source)
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