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Honeywell CT3611 Owner's Manual page 19

Seven day programmable heat pump low voltage (20 to 30 vac) thermostat and wallplate
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Display flashes during programming.
Temperature change occurs at the
wrong times.
Display shows Wait.
LED is on.
Toll-Free Customer Assistance
Please read and follow the provided instructions for this thermostat. For additional information, go to or call the Honeywell Customer Relations Center at 1-800-468-1502. The Center
hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00AM to 5:30PM Central Time.
Before calling, please have the following information available:
Thermostat model number. (Located on back of thermostat).
Thermostat date code. (Located below model number).
Type of heating/cooling system (for example, hot water, warm air, oil, or gas).
Location and number of wires connected to the thermostat.
Table 3. Solution Guide.
The temperature setting limit has been reached. The heating setting range
is 40°F to 90°F (4.5°C to 32°C). The cooling setting range is 45°F to 99°F
(7°C to 35°C).
Check the program times for the period in question.
Make sure the AM and PM settings are correct.
Make sure the current time and day settings are correct.
Reprogram any incorrect settings.
If your thermostat is set for Smart Response™ technology, the
start times occur before your programmed comfort periods.
The thermostat is in a compressor protection delay. Wait five minutes and
check the registers again.
If a separate wire is hooked to the L terminal it can be connected to a
system monitor. If so, the light being on indicates a problem with the heat
pump. Contact your local heating and cooling contractor.

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