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Setting The Thermostat Hold/Run Mode - Honeywell AQ1000TP2 Owner's Manual

7-day programmable hydronic thermostat
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Setting the thermostat Hold/Run mode

Select one of the following modes of operation:
Run mode
Place the thermostat in Run mode using the
button. In this mode, the
setpoint is automatically adjusted according to the schedule (see page 9).
Hold Mode
Place the thermostat in Hold mode using the
button. In this mode, any
modification to the temperature setpoint must be done manually.
Temporary hold mode
If you modify the setpoint manually while the thermostat is in Run mode or Vacancy
mode, it will enter Temporary Hold mode. The Temporary Hold mode and the new
temporary setpoint will remain in effect until the end of the current period (if the
thermostat was in Run mode) or after 2 hours (if the thermostat was in Vacancy mode).
Unoccupied (Setback) Mode
The thermostat can be placed to Unoccupied mode from Hold mode only. When the
Unoccupied mode is activated by the hydronic control panel, the temperature
setpoint is lowered (in heat mode) or raised (in cool mode) by a setback margin. The
margin is set in the user's configuration menu (see page 14). The thermostat cannot
be placed in Unoccupied mode if its setback margin is set to 0.
Vacancy Mode
When the Vacancy mode
is activated by the hydronic control panel the thermostat uses the Vacancy setpoint
temperature. This value is set in the installer's configuration menu of the thermostat (see page 20) or the User Menu
of the programmable AQ2000 control panel.


Table of Contents

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