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Configuration Switches - Honeywell AQ1000TP2 Owner's Manual

7-day programmable hydronic thermostat
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Configuration switches

The configuration DIP switches are located on the back of the thermostat faceplate.
Scheduling Mode (switch 1)
Use DIP switch 1 to select between 1-ZONE and ALL-ZONES scheduling.
All thermostats configured for ALL-ZONES scheduling share the same schedule
settings as the AQ2000 hydronic control panel. Any schedule modification made on a
thermostat will also be applied to the boiler controller and to the other thermostats (see
page 3).
Any schedule modification made to a thermostat configured for 1-ZONE scheduling
applies to that thermostat only and does not affect the other thermostats.
Installer's Configuration Menu (switch 2)
Use DIP switch 2 to place the thermostat in either Installer or User mode. Set to Installer
mode to access the installation parameters. Otherwise, leave it in User mode.
A/F/AF Regulation Mode (switches 3 & 4)
Use DIP switches 3 and 4 to select the regulation mode.
A mode:
controls and displays the Ambient air temperature.
F mode:
controls and displays the Floor temperature using an external sensor.
AF mode: controls and displays the Ambient air temperature while maintaining the Floor temperature within desired
limits using an external temperature sensor.
will appear on the screen.
will appear on the screen.
will appear on the screen.


Table of Contents

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