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3d glasses
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AG-S230/S250/S270 are 3D glasses using RF(2.4GHz) wireless communication.
If the device is connected to the TV or PROJECTOR that supports the RF glasses, you can enjoy the vivid
3D images.
You can enjoy movies or pictures made as 3D.
3D Glasses
The accessories represented in this manual may differ from the actual appearances.
AG-S230 (For Children)
Nose Pad
3D Glasses' Lenses
Power On
Power Off
Auto Off*
(Lithium polymer)
How to connect the
How to re-connect the
The Auto Off function automatically switches the power off when the glasses lose signal from the TV or the PROJECTOR.
This may occur when the distance or angle between the device and the TV or PROJECTOR are out of range; when there is a barrier
between the two devices; or when the device is switched from 3D to 2D mode.
The device recognizes the unique ID of the TV or PROJECTOR to which it is connected. Thus, IDs of other TVs or PROJECTORs are
not recognized by the device. If you wish to re-connect the device to other TVs or PROJECTORs, please see "How to re-connect the
glasses". (see how to use the 3D glasses)
You can view 3D images with the device even while recharging it with a USB cable. During recharge, the LED light of the device indicates:
When the device is on and there are 3D
When the device is off or on and there are
no 3D images
8-pin mini USB
AG-S250 (For Audlts)
Power Button
3D Glasses' Lenses
LED indicator
USB port (charging port)
8-pin mini USB cable
Button Operation
Press the Power button once.
Press and hold down the Power button (2 second
~3 second)
The device is automatically switched off if there is
no 3D signal for more than one minute.
It will also be automatically switched off when the
user does not make any move for over ten minutes.
Press the power button for over eight seconds.
The red light blinks every second during recharge and the green light blinks every second
when fully recharged.
Either the red or the green light stays on depending on the recharge status.
Manual CD
Quick Start
AG-S270 (Made of Metal)
Power Button
Nose Pad
LED indicator
USB port (charging port)
8-pin mini USB cable
LED Indication
The red LED blinks once.
The red LED blinks three times.
The red LED blinks three times.
If the battery is discharged, the LED blinks for 1
minute and turns off automatically.
* When charging is completed, the LED is lit green.
When initially switched on, the device will
a u to m a t i c a l l y b e c o n n e c te d to t h e T V o r
PROJECTOR with the strongest signal.
Release the button when the green LED light
turns on. Then, you will see the green light blink
three times before the device is switched off. If
you switch the power on again, the glasses will
be connected to the TV or PROJECTOR with the
strongest signal.
Nose Pad
Power Button
3D Glasses'
LED indicator
USB port (charging port)
8-pin mini USB cable

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