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Honeywell TE211W User Manual page 7

Atomic clock with wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer
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1. Press MODE to select the time display with weekday.
2. Select the time zone by pressing and holding the "
button for 3 seconds.
3. Keep holding until the desired time zone (Pacific,
Mountain, Central or Eastern) is selected on the display map.
Press and hold MODE for 3 seconds: the year will flash.
Press "
" or "
" to change the flashing digits.
After the first value is set, press MODE again.
Continue setting month, day,12 or 24 time format hour,
minutes, language of weekday, and Fahrenheit or Celsius
display. When you've set the last value, press MODE for
the last time to return to regular mode.
To set any alarm,
1. Press [ALARM] once to display alarm time.
If the alarm is off, "OFF" will be displayed.
2. Press and hold [ALARM] for two seconds.
The hour digit will flash.
3. Enter the hour using [
] or [
4. Press [ALARM] again. The minute digits will flash.
5. Enter the minutes using [
] or [
6. Press [ALARM] again to exit.
7. Repeat the same procedure to set the next alarm.
When the alarm sounds, press the SNOOZE/LIGHT button
to temporarily stop the alarm. After depressing
SNOOZE/LIGHT button, the alarm sound will resume in
5 minutes. If the alarm is not disabled after that, it will sound
for 4 more minutes and then will stop by itself.
Press [ALARM] button on the main unit to disable an alarm.
* Weekday Alarm
The alarm will sound and the alarm icon will flash at the
set time Mondays through Fridays.
* Single Day Alarm
The alarm will sound and the alarm icon will flash at the
set time, but will not activate on subsequent days.
* Pre-Alarm
If an outdoor temperature is 32º F / 0º C or below, the
pre-alarm feature will be activated. The pre-alarm time
interval can be set for 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes
before the weekday or single alarm time. Press and hold
[ALARM] button for two seconds in Pre-Alarm mode
to set the pre-alarm interval.
" (Weekday alarm), "
" (Single day alarm), and
"Pre-AL" (Pre-alarm) icons will indicate which alarm mode
is armed. You can enable or disable an alarm by pressing the
] buttons in alarm display mode. Press MODE to
], [
toggle between alarm modes or to return to the default display.
This product is engineered to give you years of satisfactory
service if handled carefully. Here are a few precautions:
1. Do not immerse the units in water.
2. Do not clean the units with abrasive or corrosive materials.
They may scratch the plastic parts and corrode the
electronic circuits.
3. Do not subject the product to excessive force, shock, dust,
temperature, or humidity, which may result in malfunctions,
shorter lifespan, damaged batteries, and damaged parts.
4. Do not tamper with the units' internal components. Doing
so will invalidate the warranty and may cause damage.
These units contain no user-serviceable parts.
5. Use only fresh batteries. Do not mix new and old batteries.
6. Read the user's manual thoroughly before operating the units.



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