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Att' A Ching Tiller To The Tractor - Honda TL5040 Operator's Manual

Honda rotary tiller for multi-purpose tractor with category 0 3-point hitch
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Ensure the tractor has been
prepared as instructed under TRACTOR
PREPARATION section of this manual to
prevent serious personal injury
Attach the lower lift arms of the three point
hitch and secure with clips as shown Fig. 15.
Install the hitch top link to the tractor
mounting bracket and secure with clip as
shown Fig. 13.
Install the other end of the hitch top link to the
tiller and secure with clip as shown Fig. 17.
(note: the top link should be installed with the
locking nut towards the tiller).
Adjust the right hand hitch lift make the
tiller parallel with the ground (left to right)
when the tiller is raised slightly off the
ground. Shortening the lift rod will raise the
right side of the tiller, lengthening the lift rod
will lower the right side of the tiller Fig. 12.
Adjust the hitch top link to make tiller parallel
with the ground (front to rear).
Increasing the length of the top link will cause
the rear of the tiller to drop, shortening the
link will cause the rear of the tiller to raise.
securely Fig. 17.
6 Position the tiller to sit approximately in the
7 Attach the tiller driveline to the tractor IT0
Fully depressing the locking collar and slowly
push on the driveline until the locking collar
returns to the locked position.
Move the driveline back and forth to ensure it is
securely connected.
Make certain the driveline shields are in place
and are in good condition.
Do not operate the tiller without the driveline
shields in place and in good condition. This could
result in severe personal injury or death.
When attaching the
it is important that the PTO locking collar be
locked in the groove on the end of the driveline.
Before operating tiller, raise and lower the tiller
slowly through its full range with the three point
hitch to ensure the driveline does not bottom out
hair pin
tiller A-lrame
hitch brackets
center of the rear wheels and adjust the
stabilizer check links to prevent excessive left
to right sway Fig. 16.
by: Fig. 14-18
driveline to the tractor,.



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