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Setting The Unit; What's What; Setting Gain Properly - Pioneer GM-6400F Owner's Manual

Bridgeable four-channel power amplifier
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Setting the Unit

What's what

Front side
Rear side
To adjust the switch, use a flathead screwdri-
ver if needed.
1 Power indicator
The power indicator lights up to indicate
power ON.
2 GAIN (gain) control
Adjusting gain controls CHANNEL A (chan-
nel A) and CHANNEL B (channel B) helps
align the car stereo output to the Pioneer
amplifier. Default setting is the NORMAL
If output remains low, even when the car
stereo volume is turned up, turn controls to
lower level. If distortion occurs when the car
stereo volume is turned up, turn these con-
trols to higher level.
! If using only one input plug, set the gain
controls for speaker outputs A and B to
the same position.
! For use with an RCA equipped car stereo
(standard output of 500 mV), set to the
NORMAL position. For use with an RCA
equipped Pioneer car stereo, with max.
output of 4 V or more, adjust level to
match that of the car stereo output.
3 LPF (low-pass filter)/HPF (high-pass fil-
ter) select switch
Switch the settings based on the connected
! When the Subwoofer is connected:
Select LPF. This eliminates high range
frequency and outputs low range fre-
! When the full range speaker is con-
Select HPF or OFF. HPF eliminates low
range frequency and output high range
frequency. OFF outputs the entire fre-
quency range.
4 INPUT SELECT (input select) switch
Select 2CH for two-channel input and 4CH
for four–channel input.

Setting gain properly

! Protective function included to prevent
malfunction of the unit and/or speakers
due to excessive output, improper use or
improper connection.
! When outputting high volume sound etc.,
this function cuts off the output for a few
seconds as a normal function, but output
is restored when the volume of the head
unit is turned down.
! A cut in sound output may indicate impro-
per setting of the gain control. To ensure
continuous sound output with the head
unit at a high volume, set amplifier gain
control to a level appropriate for the preout
maximum output level of the head unit, so
that volume can remain unchanged and to
control excess output.



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