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Buzzer Volume; Water Hardness; Adding Rinse Aid - Siemens Dishwasher Instructions For Use Manual

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Buzzer Volume

You can vary or even completely
switch off the volume of the acoustic
end-of-programme signal.
If the option "Buzzer Volume" is chosen
the display shows "Buzzer 6" (factory
You can change this value to 0
(acoustic signals switched off) or
to values between 1 (quiet) and 6
(loud). A short buzz demonstrates
the currently chosen volume level.

Adding Rinse Aid

You can set the amount of rinse aid
If the option "Adding Rinse Aid" is
chosen the display shows "Rinse Aid 4"
(factory setting).
Change this setting only if there are
streaks (reduce the value) or water
stains (increase the value) remaining
on the dishes.
You can choose a value between 0
and 6.

Water Hardness

Before starting the appliance for the first
time or in case of changes in the water
hardness, the dishwasher's softening
system must be set to the hardness of
your mains water supply. Follow the
instructions set out in the chapter "Set-up
of the Softening System".
You can change the language selected
when the appliance was started for the
first time (see chapter "Before Starting
The Device For The First Time").
If the option "Language" is chosen the
display shows several language
abbreviations. The abbreviation of the
currently selected language is flashing.
In order to choose a different language,
press – or +
language appears.
Confirm the language selection by
pressing M/OK
All following optical character messages
will be displayed in the selected language.
until the desired

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Table of Contents